Sep 16, 2012

Interacting with supercell's redjuice

As you all know, I'm a big fan of supercell, the 11-member a doujin music group from Japan that is led by ryo, the sole composer and lyricist in the group. The rest of the members are artists and designers who illustrates the album jackets and booklets and create the music videos for the songs. Among the supercell illustrators, my favorite illustrator goes with the pen name "redjuice". I really love all his works. Most of them are digital art and original character designs. Because of him, I'm inspired to learn digital art. After all, my first love was drawing.

When I looked for a character to cosplay last month for TorCh III, I noticed that redjuice is a fan of Shinobu from Bakemonogatari. He illustrated his own version of Shinobu and posted them in his deviantart. I was inspired by the thought that he likes Shinobu so I decided to cosplay Shinobu.

After my Shinobu cosplay, I sent a note together with my Shinobu costume pic to redjuice in deviantart so that at least he knows he has a fan like me. However, I didn't receive any reply but that was fine.

Days passed and I noticed a supercell fanpage in Facebook that posted information about redjuice, and to my surprise, he has a Twitter account! I immediately tweeted him and sent him my Shinobu pic again and the rest was epic. See below--

This made me really happy! I can't describe the feeling. Now I'm assured that he knows that he has a fan like me. I'm extremely ecstatic! The thought that he may have talked about this interaction with me to the other supercell members is filling my heart with excitement! XD

I really do hope that one day, I could meet all the members of supercell in person and tell them how a big fan I am to them. :)

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