Aug 16, 2012

SiHae in Manila : Wish I Was There!

Last month, I heard about the announcement of Mr. Ben Chan of Bench that they are bringing Super Junior's Siwon and Donghae in the Philippines for meet and greet. It was a promise they fulfilled for the fans after getting Siwon and Donghae as official and first Korean endorsers of Bench. Before the date and mechanics on how to get passes were announced, I was very willing to fly over to Manila just to see them together with my friend who is a new fan of Donghae (We need an hour flight to go to Manila even though we live in the Philippines ㅠ.ㅠ). However, after the date and the mechanics were announced, it was hopeless for us. I already have an occasion to attend on the said date plus the mechanics for the passes was in a raffle and I know I don't have much luck on those raffles. So I just accepted the reality that I can't go and I just need to think that at least I saw them last February in Singapore.

When the day of the fanmeet came, I was monitoring on the updates. Wow, the venue was jam packed! I wonder if I would be given a space on that big crowd if I went there. I looked at the pics and fancams and gosh, I'm very envious right now! The fans were very loud (Well, I knew Filipino ELFs are always the loudest. I have proven this when I went to SS4SG ;p). Even Donghae covered his ears because of the loud screams when they appeared on stage. I salute all the ELFs that went there! Even after the event, both Siwon and Donghae tweeted about how big the crowd was on their fanmeet and how happy they were. I'm happy for all the ELFs who went there. I'm sure all of them went to sleep with smiles on that night. I really wish I was there!

Here's a short feature of the event that happened last August 15, 2012 at the TriNoma Activity Center in Manila, Philippines, courtesy of GMA News:

Anyway, I do hope that because of this successful event,  there is a brighter future for Super Show 5 Manila (SS5 Manila) or SMTOWN Manila and hopefully it would be next year so that at least I can see them every year which started last 2011 (Every February to be exact! And I always assume that it's a late Valentine's Date with the boys ;p).

And a big thanks to Mr. Ben Chan for giving in to the petition of the Filipino ELFs to get Super Junior members as endorsers for their clothing line and for bringing Siwon and Donghae to the Philippines. I know for sure that he will never regret it. ;) As a support, I have already bought seven Bench shirts that were endorsed by Siwon and Donghae. :)

Bench and Super Junior fighting~!

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