Jun 4, 2012

Thoughts on Bokura ga Ita

After five long years, finally, I was able to catch up on the whole story of Bokura ga Ita! I checked on updates when I found out there is a live-action of it that is currently being shown in Japan (not to mention that Yano is played by one of my favorite Japanese actors, Ikuta Toma ^^). I'm a huge fan of Bokura ga Ita after all! I watched the anime way back last 2007 for like three times and I was left hanging on the story then since I couldn't find any manga at that time. And yes, finally, the manga has ended just last February 2012 and immediately, I looked for scanlations and luckily, it's all been translated as well. I read the rest of the chapters where the anime ended for about seven hours straight from 12am-6am haha. Can't help it, I want to know the story so bad that I pulled an all-nighter!

So my thoughts on the whole story? It was bittersweet. Yano had his difficult times and so was Takahashi but they conquered it all. I can't believe I cried. Such a very moving story indeed. The ending was sweet, it was like it paid off all the six years both Yano and Takahashi endured. I love them both!^^

So about the live-action movie, I've read that it's been split to two parts which I assume the first part is most likely the same as the anime, and the second part would be the time skip and the flashbacks from the manga. Ah, I want to watch the movie so bad!

Yeah, so Bokura ga Ita is one of my favorite shoujo romance manga/anime. I highly recommend it especially to those hopeless romantic like me. haha

I know for sure, I'll watch the anime over and over again, read the manga over and over again, and will watch the live-action over and over again.^^

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