Jun 12, 2012

In Love With Supercell All Over Again

So I almost can't get over with the news that Nagi won't be singing with supercell anymore. Honestly, I was really sad. I thought it was gonna be Nagi forever but then Ryo wanted to make some changes on the vocals and recruited two new vocalists for supercell on their next albums. So yeah, I overloaded myself with "Today is a Beautiful Day" songs almost everyday, not wanting to listen to the new supercell songs. And oh, did I mention that I really bought the "Today is a Beautiful Day" album? It was expensive but it was really worth it, I tell you.. :)

Then I realized, change is always constant. I searched for the new supercell songs and listened to them. The new vocalist named Koeda is my favorite. She can pull off the supercell songs very well, like Nagi. Two of her performed songs are "My Dearest" and "Kokuhaku" which are both OST of the anime "Guilty Crown". I really love the two songs! Ah, I realized, I'm in love with supercell again!

And this time, they have some music videos for the two songs. Here are the videos:

Supercell - My dearest [PV] full from premloray on Vimeo.

Supercell - Kokuhaku from Arzack on Vimeo.

If you notice, these videos show more of the supercell's musicians unlike there previous videos where they show animation and story-themed videos to match their songs. I am not 100 percent sure but most likely the vocalist in these videos is none other than Koeda herself. Also, if you notice, there is this mystery guy in the piano and I'm ecstatic just thinking that it is Ryo since he never showed himself before, as far as I remembered.

So there, I do hope supercell will release a full-length album soon which is like a compilation album, the same as "Today is a Beautiful Day". I'm excited on their future releases. Ryo is such a genius! I never get tired listening to his songs.

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