Apr 4, 2012

Teukie Mentioning Philippines in SS4 Singapore

Yeah I know it's repetitive and late but I wanted to share to everybody the proof that Park Jung So (famously known as Leeteuk of Super Junior) mentioned Philippines in SS4 Singapore Day 2. Someone has recorded a video while Teukie was calling out the countries of the international fans that attended the concert and luckily, Philippines was mentioned. And yeah, I will never forget in my entire life that it was because he saw my banner with "Philippines' in it.

Ok here's the video where Teukie mentioned Philippines around 0:13:

He was pointing to someone while calling out Philippines and that someone was ME. ♥

And here's the banner that Teukie saw which I made just hours before the concert =D

I just wanted to let the boys know that even if there will be no SS4 Manila, Filipino ELF will always have the passion to support them even outside of the country, that we can always make a way for them, and that we will always love them. ♥

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