Feb 21, 2012

My SS4 Singapore Journey

Ok so I'm back home from Singapore from the awesome 2-night Super Show 4 concert of Super Junior in Singapore Indoor Stadium. I'm not sure how to start this since my mind is too full of the things that happened last weekend but I will try to remember every highlights that I can share. By the way, I broke my Kyuhyun lightstick...huhuhu T.T So I bought another lightstick, the small official one which I used in the concerts.

SS4SG Day 1:
  • I bought a Suju desk calendar! Yey, finally I can replace my 2011 Suju calendar on my desk at work!
  • We ate at a cafe were there were Super Junior concert meal sets and all of us bought the Mr. Simple meat set. Their SS2 concert was playing on the monitor while we were eating. Such a good business trick.
  • There was this rule of no video recording but I couldn't stop myself and with much luck, I managed to do several fancams! ♥
  • There were only two f(x) members. Only Sulli and Amber. How I wished Victoria was present. :(
  • Sungmin's solo was similar from his SS3 solo but I think the one in SS3 was hotter. XD
  • I was kinda disappointed when Teukie was just passing the roses for his solo, not the same in SS4 Seoul where he rides on a chair with harness and drops the roses to the fans.
  • When Donghae sang "This Love" from Skip Beat OST, I jumped at my seat with happiness~!
  • Shindong's solo was cute and cool! He danced to Troublemaker and Bubble Pop. The part where he danced with lasers was really cool!
  • Henry introduced me to the song "Lighters". =)
  • The boys will always attempt to lift Sungmin's skirt on his Manilyn Monroe costume especially Donghae.
  • Kyu as Steve Jobs lol. He was carrying a basket full of apples.
  • I felt betrayed when Kyuhyun let the chosen girlfriend fangirl hug him. I almost jumped over the seats just to have Kyuhyun stay away from the girl. T.T
  • On the DoReMi performance, Siwon carried Shindong and Donghae attempted them to kiss...hahaha. Now I know that Siwon can carry Shindong. ;p
  • Shindong tried to make the fans follow his directions for the waving of the lightsticks using his mic from slow to fast waving. The fans were like crazy following him..hehe.
  • The white light project was so cool! 
  • I finally heard Yesung and Kyuhyun's adlibs in  Sorry, Sorry live.
  • I just felt that everyone looked more mature this time. =)

SS4SG Day 2:
  • Luckily, there were still official merchandise left and those were the bag and the t-shirt and I did not hesitate to buy both.
  • This time, I did not do fancams and really enjoyed the concert to the fullest!
  • I saw each of the boys faces up close! I was seated in the second row of the terrace on the right side! I felt I was having an eye contact with everyone!
  • I saw Wookie's abs this time in "Moves Like Jagger" since I'm already at the right side! Haha can't believe that he's been working out his body!
  • Teukie cried when the fan project for the song "Our Love" was revealed. Everyone was holding the heart banner with "Suju+ELF Our Love" message. It was really touching.
  • The white light project was cooler this time as more white lights were emitted! 
  • I can't forget Kyu oppa's smile and wave at me. =D
  • On the DoReMi performance for day 2, Shindong carried Siwon this time...hahaha! 
  • I threw my stuffed toy on the stage just in case they might bring it with them. XD 
  • They were playing with the fountains in the stage! They look all wet and hot..haha
  • The most highlighted part on every thing that I experienced was that when Teukie started mentioning countries of the international ELFs that attended the SS4SG. He pointed at my "WE ♥ SUJU PHILIPPINES" banner and said "Pillipin". I AM VERY PROUD AND HAPPY, I COULD HAVE CRIED. T.T

Overall, it was a BLAST. It was one of the best weekends I had! Super Junior never fails to make me happy. I thank God for granting this wish of mine to see Super Junior again. I thank the awesomest ELFriends I have, Joan, Dawn, Airene, and Emmy for making this project SS4 Singapore a success. I thank my family and my friends for supporting me on my decision to watch SS4 Singapore. I thank Super Junior for always making me happy. They made me travel outside of the country for the first time. ♥

Feb 13, 2012

Singapore, I'm Coming~!

Four more days and I'll be traveling outside of the country for the first time...and this is all because of my love for Super Junior. Yes, I'm attending Super Show 4 in Singapore for two nights this coming weekend~! I'm super duper excited~! I'm seeing my boys again after a year (I saw them first in SS3 Manila last Feb. 26, 2011).

I'll share my experiences after so stay tuned. It's gonna be the best post Valentines Day celebration for me. ♥