Dec 10, 2012

Can't Get Over with Rurouni Kenshin Live-Action Movie

Rurouni Kenshin live-action film was announced last year and was shown in Japan and other countries last August. When we, fans, heard the news last year, we wanted to have the film shown in our country as well. Though not as lucky as those countries that have seen the movie last August, our country was at least very fortunate to release the film in theaters on the first week of December.

Being an avid fan of Rurouni Kenshin (seeing the whole anime series twice on TV and trying to go home early just to see each episode everyday), I wouldn't want to miss this opportunity to see the film. A week before the scheduled release, I bought my ticket to make sure I have a reserved seat. Some of my team mates at work even bought their tickets a month before the showing.

Finally, the most awaited day came. Though work was trying to extend our time in the office, luckily, one of our work mates had a ride and offered to take us in the cinema since he also wants to see the film. We arrived like 15 minutes before the time and rushed to get some food and drinks before entering the cinema. Then the film started. How do I describe it? It was breath-taking. Every scene in the movie was done smoothly and nicely. The story was very much similar with Rurouni Kenshin anime but with some workaround done to fit it into a film. I can't believe that the two different stories in the anime fitted in one whole story. I mean, how did they come up with that idea? It was genius. The fighting scenes were astounding. Minor effects were added to make the fighting scenes more natural to watch. The cast were amazing. I can't say that they were perfect. I'll just say, they were "near perfect". Takeru Satoh was really cute being Kenshin. He was really in character. What struck me most is the actor of Saito, Yosuke Eguchi. Gosh, he was really like Saito! A very cool and handsome Saito! The music was heart drumming. It gave a lot of emphasis on the scenes and not to mention that to the extent, it vibrated my seat. And that theme song by ONE OK ROCK was really good! I'm addicted to it.

Rurouni Kenshin live-action movie poster

Overall, the Rurouni Kenshin live-action film is by far the best anime/manga based movie I've ever seen. I've seen quite several live-action films and nothing made an impact as Rurouni Kenshin. I very much highly recommend it!

And oh, did I mention that I watched the film twice in theaters? This is the first time I watched a film twice in theaters. Haha, I'm addicted I know. When will I get over with it, I'm not sure. ;p

Nov 26, 2012

Figure Collecting Hobby

So because I'm an otaku, an anime enthusiast, a cosplayer, and a manga reader, it would be given that I also do anime merchandise collecting.

I started collecting anime figures since I was in grade school but due to money constraints, I can only have them as gifts from friends and relatives so I only have a very few number of them.

The very first anime figures I received from a friend was when I was in my fifth grade. My friend gave me two character figurines from Monster Rancher, namely Mochi and Suezo. They were made of porcelain so they are heavy and breakable. Those were how the figures on our grade years were made. I bet these are very rare now. :)

Here are some pics of my Mochi and Suezo figures:


And some of the figures I collected when I started college and when I joined the workforce:
my assorted figure collection

Bakemonogatari cast

Recently, I've been attracted with nendoroids. They are really cute! I'm expecting to receive my first ever nendoroid. Guess who are these nendoroids coming on my home? It's none other than my most fave rock bank of all time, Linkin Park! :D

Here are some pics from Good Smile Company website:

Aren't they cute? I can't wait to see them in person! :D

I know this hobby is very expensive (like my cosplay hobby >.<) though but hey, it really makes me happy! And please don't tell me this is because I can't get over my childhood. I've been a fan of anime for almost my lifetime! I don't have much money so I will just buy them slowly and depending on my budget.

Me and my sister (she's a Gundam collector, those are her Gundams behind the Bakemonogatari cast figures pic above ^^) are planning to create a figure room soon in our house. I know we can make it if we just work hard and focus on our goals. My sister's going to Japan next year so I'm expecting a LOT of figures coming really really soon. ;p

Oct 11, 2012

Miku in Arnis for Sportsfest

Due to unexpected circumstances, I, Chrisma, was chosen to become the representative of Ms. Sportsfest for our team, the Blue Jabbers. I had been in denial and I was trying to convince our team captain to replace me but he's one person that is too difficult to persuade. But then, if such task is given to me, I would always think and talk to myself, and ask "Why not?". So in the end, I accepted the challenge.

Our team captain initially decided that together with my partner, we will do tennis as our sport. I was thinking tennis is a bit common you know and most likely, another team will do tennis as well. So I run over my thoughts on the sports that I know and arnis came to my mind. I've been practicing arnis since high school and I even enrolled arnis as one of my PE class in college so no doubt I can use it as our sport. So I told our team captain and my partner about my plans. I also decided that we will wear ninja inspired costumes. Since I am representing the blue team, I was thinking that I should wear a blue wig. The character that came to my mind was Miku Hatsune though her hair is not totally blue but she can wear any type of costumes. For those who don't recognize Miku, she is a Vocaloid singer, a software singer in general, who is very famous in Japan and the rest of the otaku world. As a cosplayer, I wanted a MikuXKaito ninja theme with my partner but it looks like my partner isn't ready for wigs so I was in Miku wig alone. I also choreographed our skit in arnis. It was easy since my partner had an experience with arnis as well.

So, without hesitation, here's a pic of our costumes and props (both pairs of arnis sticks are mine):

My partner as random ninja and me as Miku (in my original arnis concept costume).

And here's a video of our skit (I never thought I will be using arnis for this occasion ;p):

Though I did not win, I was super happy that my ninja partner won as Mr. Sportfest. It was unexpected! He wasn't even present in the production rehearsals. 

I was glad that I was able to cosplay again despite my busy working sked. Cosplay has been my hobby for four years now and it never fails to bring me joy. 

So there, I was really happy that day. I crave on doing cosplays more! :)

Sep 16, 2012

Interacting with supercell's redjuice

As you all know, I'm a big fan of supercell, the 11-member a doujin music group from Japan that is led by ryo, the sole composer and lyricist in the group. The rest of the members are artists and designers who illustrates the album jackets and booklets and create the music videos for the songs. Among the supercell illustrators, my favorite illustrator goes with the pen name "redjuice". I really love all his works. Most of them are digital art and original character designs. Because of him, I'm inspired to learn digital art. After all, my first love was drawing.

When I looked for a character to cosplay last month for TorCh III, I noticed that redjuice is a fan of Shinobu from Bakemonogatari. He illustrated his own version of Shinobu and posted them in his deviantart. I was inspired by the thought that he likes Shinobu so I decided to cosplay Shinobu.

After my Shinobu cosplay, I sent a note together with my Shinobu costume pic to redjuice in deviantart so that at least he knows he has a fan like me. However, I didn't receive any reply but that was fine.

Days passed and I noticed a supercell fanpage in Facebook that posted information about redjuice, and to my surprise, he has a Twitter account! I immediately tweeted him and sent him my Shinobu pic again and the rest was epic. See below--

This made me really happy! I can't describe the feeling. Now I'm assured that he knows that he has a fan like me. I'm extremely ecstatic! The thought that he may have talked about this interaction with me to the other supercell members is filling my heart with excitement! XD

I really do hope that one day, I could meet all the members of supercell in person and tell them how a big fan I am to them. :)

Aug 16, 2012

SiHae in Manila : Wish I Was There!

Last month, I heard about the announcement of Mr. Ben Chan of Bench that they are bringing Super Junior's Siwon and Donghae in the Philippines for meet and greet. It was a promise they fulfilled for the fans after getting Siwon and Donghae as official and first Korean endorsers of Bench. Before the date and mechanics on how to get passes were announced, I was very willing to fly over to Manila just to see them together with my friend who is a new fan of Donghae (We need an hour flight to go to Manila even though we live in the Philippines ㅠ.ㅠ). However, after the date and the mechanics were announced, it was hopeless for us. I already have an occasion to attend on the said date plus the mechanics for the passes was in a raffle and I know I don't have much luck on those raffles. So I just accepted the reality that I can't go and I just need to think that at least I saw them last February in Singapore.

When the day of the fanmeet came, I was monitoring on the updates. Wow, the venue was jam packed! I wonder if I would be given a space on that big crowd if I went there. I looked at the pics and fancams and gosh, I'm very envious right now! The fans were very loud (Well, I knew Filipino ELFs are always the loudest. I have proven this when I went to SS4SG ;p). Even Donghae covered his ears because of the loud screams when they appeared on stage. I salute all the ELFs that went there! Even after the event, both Siwon and Donghae tweeted about how big the crowd was on their fanmeet and how happy they were. I'm happy for all the ELFs who went there. I'm sure all of them went to sleep with smiles on that night. I really wish I was there!

Here's a short feature of the event that happened last August 15, 2012 at the TriNoma Activity Center in Manila, Philippines, courtesy of GMA News:

Anyway, I do hope that because of this successful event,  there is a brighter future for Super Show 5 Manila (SS5 Manila) or SMTOWN Manila and hopefully it would be next year so that at least I can see them every year which started last 2011 (Every February to be exact! And I always assume that it's a late Valentine's Date with the boys ;p).

And a big thanks to Mr. Ben Chan for giving in to the petition of the Filipino ELFs to get Super Junior members as endorsers for their clothing line and for bringing Siwon and Donghae to the Philippines. I know for sure that he will never regret it. ;) As a support, I have already bought seven Bench shirts that were endorsed by Siwon and Donghae. :)

Bench and Super Junior fighting~!

Aug 6, 2012


"Introvert - prefers to be alone or in small groups; is quickly exhausted by parties and other large social situations."
- Time February 6, 2012 issue

The short description of the introvert above summarizes my behavior. Yes, I'm an introvert. I've known the term since college but I knew my behavior was kind of different when I attended my first day of school in kindergarten.

Back in kindergarten, our teacher instructed us to introduce ourselves in front of the class. Since I was sitting in the first row, near the door, I was the first one called. I stood up, went in front of the class, but didn't say a word. I was quiet and voiceless in front of everybody and my mom was instructing me near the door to say my name. I know how to introduce myself in front of my mom but I was scared to introduce myself in front of many unknown people. No matter how my teacher and my mom encouraged me to say my name, I never said a word. My other classmates were very enthusiastic to introduce themselves already so the teacher decided to give up on me and I returned to my seat while my other classmates confidently introduce themselves in front of everybody.

I knew I was different when I was growing up. Though I do hang out with groups but I would prefer to be alone. If there are group works or group projects, I do work with my group mates but I would rather have an individual project than doing it by group. I have the belief that I work best when I'm alone. If there are class or group activities, I would wish that it would end soon so I can go home and rest alone. I don't interact much with everybody and I'd rather have people introduce themselves to me rather than me introducing myself to them.

Even when I started working, this is still my behavior. I can go along with my work mates but I easily get tired and stressed. My patience is short and I have difficulty sharing my work load to others.

I would prefer to go shopping alone because I have the thinking that if I tagged someone along, I'll be wasting his/her time with me. I carefully choose what I want to buy which means it takes me time to buy things and my companion might me tired of waiting for me.

One time, I went to a night club party with my sister and cousins. I did dance with them in the club but I immediately got tired at around 12:00-1:00AM so I went back to our empty table, seated alone, and began sleeping. When I woke up, I think it was already 4:00AM, most of the people went home already but luckily my sister and my cousins were still there, drinking and dancing. This is just a proof of how anti-social I was. I'm not saying I'm 100% anti-social. I just quickly get exhausted with situations like these and this is because I am an introvert.

I sometimes want to have adjustments with this behavior of mine and try to be more sociable but it looks like it's going to be a very long process. I don't think being an introvert is negative though. I just want to at least let people understand the behavior I have and how I am trying to cope up with things the way they want.

Jul 20, 2012

Sexy, Free & Single

So my beloved Super Junior is back with their 6th album, Sexy, Free & Single. I wasn't really sure how the song will sound like when the title track was revealed and I was thinking it will be the same SJ funky sound they have created since Sorry, Sorry but it turns out it was different and I love it. The Sexy, Free & Single song has a combination of upbeat RnB/club/dance style and it's really addicting. However, the music video is as expected, still in a studio room where Super Junior show the choreography of the song. I expected the video to have at least a plot and on a different kind of location, not just like they're just inside a box but SM entertainment works that way so just be contented on what they produce.^^

Here's the official music video of Sexy, Free & Single:

The full album of Sexy, Free & Single is really good. All the songs are great and unique on their own. I was even confused which one is my favorite. If I were to choose my fave ballad song from the album, it would be "Daydream" since it really has a very strong melody and I can feel the emotions of the song. And Kangin's voice in the song was really good, ah I missed him really! He's one of my fave vocals of Suju after all. I'm just glad his back.

Hopefully, Suju will be able to win more awards with this new album. Super Junior fighting~!

Jun 12, 2012

In Love With Supercell All Over Again

So I almost can't get over with the news that Nagi won't be singing with supercell anymore. Honestly, I was really sad. I thought it was gonna be Nagi forever but then Ryo wanted to make some changes on the vocals and recruited two new vocalists for supercell on their next albums. So yeah, I overloaded myself with "Today is a Beautiful Day" songs almost everyday, not wanting to listen to the new supercell songs. And oh, did I mention that I really bought the "Today is a Beautiful Day" album? It was expensive but it was really worth it, I tell you.. :)

Then I realized, change is always constant. I searched for the new supercell songs and listened to them. The new vocalist named Koeda is my favorite. She can pull off the supercell songs very well, like Nagi. Two of her performed songs are "My Dearest" and "Kokuhaku" which are both OST of the anime "Guilty Crown". I really love the two songs! Ah, I realized, I'm in love with supercell again!

And this time, they have some music videos for the two songs. Here are the videos:

Supercell - My dearest [PV] full from premloray on Vimeo.

Supercell - Kokuhaku from Arzack on Vimeo.

If you notice, these videos show more of the supercell's musicians unlike there previous videos where they show animation and story-themed videos to match their songs. I am not 100 percent sure but most likely the vocalist in these videos is none other than Koeda herself. Also, if you notice, there is this mystery guy in the piano and I'm ecstatic just thinking that it is Ryo since he never showed himself before, as far as I remembered.

So there, I do hope supercell will release a full-length album soon which is like a compilation album, the same as "Today is a Beautiful Day". I'm excited on their future releases. Ryo is such a genius! I never get tired listening to his songs.

Jun 4, 2012

Thoughts on Bokura ga Ita

After five long years, finally, I was able to catch up on the whole story of Bokura ga Ita! I checked on updates when I found out there is a live-action of it that is currently being shown in Japan (not to mention that Yano is played by one of my favorite Japanese actors, Ikuta Toma ^^). I'm a huge fan of Bokura ga Ita after all! I watched the anime way back last 2007 for like three times and I was left hanging on the story then since I couldn't find any manga at that time. And yes, finally, the manga has ended just last February 2012 and immediately, I looked for scanlations and luckily, it's all been translated as well. I read the rest of the chapters where the anime ended for about seven hours straight from 12am-6am haha. Can't help it, I want to know the story so bad that I pulled an all-nighter!

So my thoughts on the whole story? It was bittersweet. Yano had his difficult times and so was Takahashi but they conquered it all. I can't believe I cried. Such a very moving story indeed. The ending was sweet, it was like it paid off all the six years both Yano and Takahashi endured. I love them both!^^

So about the live-action movie, I've read that it's been split to two parts which I assume the first part is most likely the same as the anime, and the second part would be the time skip and the flashbacks from the manga. Ah, I want to watch the movie so bad!

Yeah, so Bokura ga Ita is one of my favorite shoujo romance manga/anime. I highly recommend it especially to those hopeless romantic like me. haha

I know for sure, I'll watch the anime over and over again, read the manga over and over again, and will watch the live-action over and over again.^^

Apr 27, 2012

My Virtual Concert with Super Junior

LG came up with this really cool idea of creating a Facebook app for the promotion of their L3 Optimus. The app is about a virtual concert with Super Junior, with you, the user, as their special guest. Within the app, you are treated like you are the special guest, traveling to Seoul to watch Super Junior's concert. To let you see more of how creative the app is, here's a video I successfully recorded using Fraps and cropping it using VirtualDub:

See how cool the app was? You can try it by checking the app link here:

Note that this app is the Philippine version (there is a 'ph' after 'lge' in the link).  Enjoy! =)

Apr 4, 2012

Teukie Mentioning Philippines in SS4 Singapore

Yeah I know it's repetitive and late but I wanted to share to everybody the proof that Park Jung So (famously known as Leeteuk of Super Junior) mentioned Philippines in SS4 Singapore Day 2. Someone has recorded a video while Teukie was calling out the countries of the international fans that attended the concert and luckily, Philippines was mentioned. And yeah, I will never forget in my entire life that it was because he saw my banner with "Philippines' in it.

Ok here's the video where Teukie mentioned Philippines around 0:13:

He was pointing to someone while calling out Philippines and that someone was ME. ♥

And here's the banner that Teukie saw which I made just hours before the concert =D

I just wanted to let the boys know that even if there will be no SS4 Manila, Filipino ELF will always have the passion to support them even outside of the country, that we can always make a way for them, and that we will always love them. ♥

Mar 5, 2012

My SS4 Singapore Fancams~!

I'm very thankful that God blessed me with a lot of luck in Super Show 4 Singapore and successfully captured several fancams! You know that Singapore is very strict about their rules and it was strictly no video/camera recording but I guess God heard my prayers! =)

Without further ado, here are my fancams, recorded by yours truly~






Mr. Simple

Lovely Day


Sorry, Sorry


I know my view isn't that great but I'm just too grateful that I can see my boys again and record some of their performances. I know for sure in the future, I will look back on these videos and reminisce one of my most awesome memories of my life. ♥

Feb 21, 2012

My SS4 Singapore Journey

Ok so I'm back home from Singapore from the awesome 2-night Super Show 4 concert of Super Junior in Singapore Indoor Stadium. I'm not sure how to start this since my mind is too full of the things that happened last weekend but I will try to remember every highlights that I can share. By the way, I broke my Kyuhyun lightstick...huhuhu T.T So I bought another lightstick, the small official one which I used in the concerts.

SS4SG Day 1:
  • I bought a Suju desk calendar! Yey, finally I can replace my 2011 Suju calendar on my desk at work!
  • We ate at a cafe were there were Super Junior concert meal sets and all of us bought the Mr. Simple meat set. Their SS2 concert was playing on the monitor while we were eating. Such a good business trick.
  • There was this rule of no video recording but I couldn't stop myself and with much luck, I managed to do several fancams! ♥
  • There were only two f(x) members. Only Sulli and Amber. How I wished Victoria was present. :(
  • Sungmin's solo was similar from his SS3 solo but I think the one in SS3 was hotter. XD
  • I was kinda disappointed when Teukie was just passing the roses for his solo, not the same in SS4 Seoul where he rides on a chair with harness and drops the roses to the fans.
  • When Donghae sang "This Love" from Skip Beat OST, I jumped at my seat with happiness~!
  • Shindong's solo was cute and cool! He danced to Troublemaker and Bubble Pop. The part where he danced with lasers was really cool!
  • Henry introduced me to the song "Lighters". =)
  • The boys will always attempt to lift Sungmin's skirt on his Manilyn Monroe costume especially Donghae.
  • Kyu as Steve Jobs lol. He was carrying a basket full of apples.
  • I felt betrayed when Kyuhyun let the chosen girlfriend fangirl hug him. I almost jumped over the seats just to have Kyuhyun stay away from the girl. T.T
  • On the DoReMi performance, Siwon carried Shindong and Donghae attempted them to kiss...hahaha. Now I know that Siwon can carry Shindong. ;p
  • Shindong tried to make the fans follow his directions for the waving of the lightsticks using his mic from slow to fast waving. The fans were like crazy following him..hehe.
  • The white light project was so cool! 
  • I finally heard Yesung and Kyuhyun's adlibs in  Sorry, Sorry live.
  • I just felt that everyone looked more mature this time. =)

SS4SG Day 2:
  • Luckily, there were still official merchandise left and those were the bag and the t-shirt and I did not hesitate to buy both.
  • This time, I did not do fancams and really enjoyed the concert to the fullest!
  • I saw each of the boys faces up close! I was seated in the second row of the terrace on the right side! I felt I was having an eye contact with everyone!
  • I saw Wookie's abs this time in "Moves Like Jagger" since I'm already at the right side! Haha can't believe that he's been working out his body!
  • Teukie cried when the fan project for the song "Our Love" was revealed. Everyone was holding the heart banner with "Suju+ELF Our Love" message. It was really touching.
  • The white light project was cooler this time as more white lights were emitted! 
  • I can't forget Kyu oppa's smile and wave at me. =D
  • On the DoReMi performance for day 2, Shindong carried Siwon this time...hahaha! 
  • I threw my stuffed toy on the stage just in case they might bring it with them. XD 
  • They were playing with the fountains in the stage! They look all wet and hot..haha
  • The most highlighted part on every thing that I experienced was that when Teukie started mentioning countries of the international ELFs that attended the SS4SG. He pointed at my "WE ♥ SUJU PHILIPPINES" banner and said "Pillipin". I AM VERY PROUD AND HAPPY, I COULD HAVE CRIED. T.T

Overall, it was a BLAST. It was one of the best weekends I had! Super Junior never fails to make me happy. I thank God for granting this wish of mine to see Super Junior again. I thank the awesomest ELFriends I have, Joan, Dawn, Airene, and Emmy for making this project SS4 Singapore a success. I thank my family and my friends for supporting me on my decision to watch SS4 Singapore. I thank Super Junior for always making me happy. They made me travel outside of the country for the first time. ♥

Feb 13, 2012

Singapore, I'm Coming~!

Four more days and I'll be traveling outside of the country for the first time...and this is all because of my love for Super Junior. Yes, I'm attending Super Show 4 in Singapore for two nights this coming weekend~! I'm super duper excited~! I'm seeing my boys again after a year (I saw them first in SS3 Manila last Feb. 26, 2011).

I'll share my experiences after so stay tuned. It's gonna be the best post Valentines Day celebration for me. ♥

Jan 18, 2012

Plans for 2012

Ok so it's 2012 and they said it's the end of the world. So with this mindset, I'm trying to live my life to the fullest. I want to do the things which I know will make me very happy. This means I want to experience things that will make my heart jump with happiness that I could die happily without regrets. So curious of my first plan? Without further ado, my first big plan for 2012 is to visit Singapore for Super Junior's Super Show 4! That's right, you read it right! SS4 Singapore! After a year (from SS3 Manila), I'm going to see my boys again!!! You might have heard the news that there will be no SS4 Manila (my heart was hurt T.T) so this motivated me to go for Singapore! At first, I wasn't sure, considering that I will spend a LOT of money for this, but I thought to myself, why not? I have the savings I made and I haven't gifted myself last December for my birthday so I want this as my gift. And so God blessed me this opportunity and I'm very thankful! My ELFriends that secured the concert tix are the awesomest ELFriends I have! It's a month away from now and I'm super duper excited to travel outside of the country for the first time! Super Junior will be the reason behind it all! hahaha.. Anyway, that's the first big decision I made this year. I'm not sure what's next but I want it to be much bigger than this. I'm expecting more of my 2012.

Anyway, I hope it's not late yet but Happy New Year everyone! ♥♥♥