Dec 5, 2011

Wishing for a Happy December

Ah, it's December already~! Time flies really fast! More pressure and stress will be coming in the next few days for my work. Ah, I should create some mitigation plans to relieve these pressure and stress.

Some things I look forward, which I think may lessen the anxieties I'm feeling right now:
  • Receiving  my 13th-month pay.
  • Buying a new bed, closet, and collections cabinet (yeah, my Super Junior, anime, CD and books collections need to get displayed properly ;p) for my room.
  • Buying a new wig for my Otaku Fest costume.
  • Buying new clothes. 
  • Buying an MP3 player (not sure yet XD).
  • Celebrating Christmas with family.
  • Celebrating my 23 years of existence (yes, I was born in December and every time I think my birthday is near, I feel a little stress 'cause I'm a year older, reminding me that I'm getting old XD)
But I have these worries which make me think if my December will ever be happy, considering the pressure I'll be facing this month. Lord, just make my December a happy one, please?

And here's a couple of my wishlist for Christmas (these are the only things I think I need but if I'm given things other than these, I'm willing to accept them =D):
  • My Project Energy will be successful.
  • SS4 Manila/Watch SS4 outside of Philippines (though I prefer SS4 Manila)
I know I can achieve a lot of things if I just believe and work hard. God, please bless my project and my family. Also, don't forget my wish for SS4, ok? =D

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