Nov 25, 2011

When Will I Be Happy Again

Yep, I'm not happy these past few days and it started when I went back to my night shift sked. It gets sadder and sadder as the day pass. God, I know this is a big challenge for me but somehow, the situation I am right now makes me cry, thinking if I could be happy again.

I want to hang out with my close friends. I want a vacation. I want to see an SS4 concert. I want to travel outside of the country. I try to motivate myself that someday, somehow, I can have all these things I want. But when will it be? I wonder. It makes me want to cry more.

I feel like there is a huge thorn in my heart that needs to pull out. This anxiety is killing me, seriously. If the pressure is in critical state, my stomach hurts and it's very painful. Will I be even happy on Christmas? Will I even celebrate my birthday? Will I enjoy fireworks with my family on New Year's eve?

God, please, as long as everything goes well, then I'll be fine. Please continue to make a way that everything will be okay. Strengthen me and motivate me. I know I can do it as long as You are there for me.

My heart hurts right now but I'll definitely get this over with and I know for sure that someday, I'll be happy again.

Nov 7, 2011

Celebrating Super Junior's 6th Year Anniversary with ELFs in Cebu

November 06, 2011 marks the 6th year anniversary of Super Junior in the entertainment industry and this is one of the most important dates Super Junior and ELF note in their calendars.

For this year, I have decided to celebrate it with my fellow ELF here in Cebu since they have planned an event in celebration of the 6th year anniversary, so I was thinking, why not? I'm a huge ELF after all. =)

The event was really great! I mean, I met new friends and we share the same passion. Wow, I just love that feeling when you meet someone that shares the same interests as you.

We had games, which made me introduce to new ELF faces, candle blowing for the anniversary cake, put-cake-icing-on-the-face moments, and spaghetti party.

We also had some fan projects. The first one we did was the fan project for superlegacy. Here's a pic from my friend Tiff:

Mr. Simple Ver.A Fan Project photo by Tiff

The second fan project was the highlight of the event and I feel very lucky to witness and capture the moments of this awesome fan project: 13 sky lanterns for 13 amazing supermen. Here's my exclusive video, captured and edited by yours truly:

PS. I also love the 13 blue balloons...yay~! Super Junior and ELF fighting~! Let's make more awesome years ahead.♥

Me with the 13 blue balloons. I love you Super Junior. ♥