Sep 18, 2011

My Happy Dayshift Days Are Over

After almost six months in dayshift sked, I am going back to nightshift sked. It's a bit sudden but I knew that eventually, sooner or later, that I'll have to be back on a nightshift sked. The reason behind it is that the team leads have decided to entrust to me this very big project, which I will code name as "project E".

Comparing dayshift and nightshift skeds, I personally love the dayshift sked. This is because there is less pressure since there will only be few people that will bug you during work, I can focus and work straight, and you're an upkeep programmer which means you don't own projects and their less responsibilities to projects handled.

But the time has come for me to be back on nightshift and become a main programmer again. And this time, I am teamed with two other programmers to handle the project E. I'm quite honored that the team leads have this big trust to me but I also feel that they place me as a bait for this project. There are a few main programmers that are more experienced and more knowledgeable than me but they chose me to lead the project and if this project fails, the blame will be at me. One programmer was supposed to handle the project but during one of their shifts, she was caught sleeping by our director. Because of this, our main team lead decided to transfer her to dayshift, replacing me. I was okay with it at first but then, after the announcement of switching skeds with her, she knew that it was because she was caught sleeping. She was sorry to me and I just told her that it was okay but I realized that yeah, it was kinda her fault that I had to switch skeds with her. I mean, if she wasn't caught sleeping, then she will have to handle the project E right? I was kinda sad. I was thinking that because someone was not doing well at work, another someone will have to sacrifice to cover or solve that someone's mistake. Gosh, I should not think that way but I can't help it and it saddens me. I need to think positive like I will be receiving a nightdiff pay and most probably, I can attend some cosplay events soon.

I know that this is just a challenge and I know God will make a way for me to make the project E a successful project. Please God, guide me and bless me with this project and hopefully, I will not be sleepy during my nightshift sked. I will do my best~! Ganbatte me~! Fighting me~!