Aug 24, 2011

Words Turn To Action: Heechul's Military Enlistment

So it's official; Super Junior's space big star Kim Heechul has announced that he is joining the army by September 1. That's eight days from now.

Ah, my reaction: totally shocked. I mean, Super Junior is in the middle of their Mr. Simple promotions, why the heck decide on this now?! Then it hit me, reality hurts. Each of them will eventually have to serve the army no matter what. It really pains me to think that Heechul will be away for two long years, not being active with the other members. I was even anticipating for a Super Show 4 where I can see them all again but somehow I feel discouraged, thinking that Heechul will surely not be on the show anymore. Seriously, I cry every time I'm reminded of this reality. From the day this news was announced until today, I'm carrying a heavy heart.  My parents would not understand why I almost skipped dinner last night. My workmates would not understand why I'm telling them I'm depressed with this news. I just can't explain well to people who are not Super Junior fans.

I'm still in a state of depression but I know eventually, I'll have to accept this. No matter what Heechul and the rest of the Super Junior members decide on, I'll support them and wish them the best.

Thank you Heechul and Super Junior for making my life exciting.
Saranghaeyo Kim Heechul, Milky White Skin Kim Heechul~! Super Junior fighting~!

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