Aug 14, 2011

Skuld Cosplay in TorCh 2

Because it's been a while since my last cosplay and because most of the cosplay events are held in a Saturday, which means I have work, I decided to take a leave for the TorCh cosplay event. And I'm just grateful our team head granted my request and even asked me several cosplay questions (ex. Who are you cosplaying? Do you make your own costume? etc.).

Finally, my Skuld costume which I have kept for many months now will be in used. I went in the event together with my sister who was wearing a waloli costume.

Here's a pic of me cosplaying as Skuld from the anime Ah! My Goddess:

I pulled several all-nighters just to finish my accessories and props because I'm such a busy person. XD

A lot of cosplayers were great and awesome. The level of cosplaying in Cebu has gotten better and better. I salute those people who do excellent props. I don't have the skill in making good props so I stick to simple props only. :<

The event was nice but I was not really happy with the venue. Events like cosplay should be held in a bigger venue because surely, there will be a lot of people attending. But aside on the venue issue, everything turned out good. Also, I was a bit disappointed that only three pairs joined the contest. Compared to last year's, there were I think ten pairs competing. There were some good cosplays on the event but did not joined the contest. Well, I hope next time, more cosplayers will join the contest, it's more exciting and fun.

I'm just glad I can cosplay again. 'Til my next cosplay! =D

PS. I'm not sure with my next cosplay though, I'll have to ask for another leave again. =)

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