Jun 19, 2011

if you could be the president of the philippines, what will be your first project?

tour around the Philippines and study ways to solve problems of education and poverty. Also, I'd like to force the implementation of laws...meaning, I'd like everybody to know or to be familiar with laws and forcing each Filipino to follow them. Our laws need strong enforcement.

Try to decode my thoughts...

What are you procrastinating right now?

accomplishing my college clearance to get my diploma and my TOR....and applying for a passport!!! gosh, I'm getting old, I should get these stuffs asap. T.T

Try to decode my thoughts...

Temporary Stay

I once wished when I was on elementary years that whenever I go home, our house would change into a "good-looking" house. Something like a magical transformation in my imagination. But whenever I arrive home, our house would just look the same, small and made with light materials, much like just a cabin. I realized that at that time, I was aware that our house was not good and needs reconstruction.

Time passed and I almost forgot that dream of mine. I was contented and happy, as long as I'm with my family and friends. Then I graduated from college and got a good job now.

This year, since all my siblings are now professionals and have jobs, my family has decided to reconstruct our house, at last. Then I remembered my ultimate wish when I was still in elementary, it's coming true now! Finally, my childhood dream of reconstructing/rebuilding our house has now started. We are currently and temporarily staying at my grandma's house, just across our 'under construction' house.

I'm very happy! God, thank you for this! I also pray we can finish building the entire house. Please God make a way for us to make the reconstruction of the house successful and done soon.

Anyway, as soon as the house is done, we'll probably do a housewarming party. I'll update soon. Bye for now!