May 19, 2011

My Brother Just Got Married!

My brother, who is the second to the eldest sibling of the family, got married last Saturday. He is the first among my siblings who got married, getting married ahead of our eldest sister.

Anyway, the wedding was spectacular! Everything was well-planned! And I just couldn't imagine how much my brother spent for that wedding. He even hired one of the best videographers and photographers in our place!

I am really amazed by his videographer who made such an amazing wedding onsite video. It just took a day to be done and was played before the wedding reception ended. My brother himself chose the music. Here is their onsite video, awesomely created by Eugene Florendo:


And here's a sample of their pre-nup photos by Lito Inso (I think his wedding photos are not yet available but he's the same photographer who took his pre-nup photos.) :

So overall, my brother's wedding was a success. I am very happy for my brother. Congratulations to the newlyweds! And yeah, no more single man in the family! =D

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