May 19, 2011

My Brother Just Got Married!

My brother, who is the second to the eldest sibling of the family, got married last Saturday. He is the first among my siblings who got married, getting married ahead of our eldest sister.

Anyway, the wedding was spectacular! Everything was well-planned! And I just couldn't imagine how much my brother spent for that wedding. He even hired one of the best videographers and photographers in our place!

I am really amazed by his videographer who made such an amazing wedding onsite video. It just took a day to be done and was played before the wedding reception ended. My brother himself chose the music. Here is their onsite video, awesomely created by Eugene Florendo:


And here's a sample of their pre-nup photos by Lito Inso (I think his wedding photos are not yet available but he's the same photographer who took his pre-nup photos.) :

So overall, my brother's wedding was a success. I am very happy for my brother. Congratulations to the newlyweds! And yeah, no more single man in the family! =D

May 2, 2011

Stolen Phone Updates

Since I decided to take legal actions against the culprit who stole my phone and the one who bought it, I've been receiving very positive results.

Just so you know, my phone had this mobile tracker feature which I've set up to send the new sim card number to my other phone number. This was a good start to trace the current user of my phone, which I believe has already bought my phone from the culprit. So I decided to report the incident to the police but it was kinda hard to just rely on the new phone number. I was planning to deceive the new user of my phone that he/she won a prize or something and trap him.

 I started to forget the incident and I was ready to move on but I feel like my phone was crying for help. After a week, suddenly, a photo was uploaded on my Super Junior album on Facebook and it was via mobileblog, meaning, it was uploaded using my phone! The photo clearly shows faces of an unknown man and an unknown woman! I was like, who the hell are these people? But I realized, OMG, my phone was initially set-up to upload photos to my Facebook account! Most probably, the user accidentally uploaded the photo! So I made use of all my connections and the forums, posted the pic to know who these people are and God has been good to me, someone led me to the full name of the guy on the photo. We contacted the guy and he denied everything. He was so arrogant that if I was talking to him in person, I could have bitch slap him. He was trying to cover up, thought he could threaten me with his messages. He even said he could buy anything since he's a call center agent, I mean, hello?, is that all you can boast? I'm a professional PHP programmer you know. So I left all the communications to my brother, since I promised him to give that phone to him if I get it back.

After another week, my brother and the guy contacted each other again and at last, the guy admitted that he had the phone! Like, if I was there, I would bitch slap him with all my energy! And he is best loser I know for returning my phone to the culprit. If he had just given back my phone, then it's the end of the case. I would not sue him or involved him anymore but he has done such crazy and stupid moves. So what they have agreed on is to replace my phone and entrap the culprit. So yeah, the case is resolving soon.

So God heard my prayers about my phone. God is so great that He made a way to let us trace my phone. He really is the BEST! And I will say this over and over again, do not underestimate the power of prayers. :)