Apr 3, 2011

I was Scared, Sad, Angry...I Don't Know But Definitely I'm Not Happy

Ok so a while ago, I was at the biggest mall here in our place. When I rode the van going home, I noticed that my phone was gone. Some freakin' a**hole bullsh** person stole it at the mall and I didn't notice until I got on the van. I was scared, sad, angry...I don't know but definitely I'm not happy.

My Samsung Star Wifi phone was the fruit of my first 13th month pay from my previous company. It meant a lot to me. I bought it last December 2009 and so I had it for a year and three months. I love my phone very much since it always gave me a good quality service.

Yes, I cried. I cried because that phone was a fruit of my labor and someone just stole it. Maybe I was being careless but you know it's very wrong to steal. I cried because it costs a lot. I cried because I remembered the efforts I did to save up the money just to buy that phone. I cried because I'm gonna miss my phone. I cried because I can't believe it happened to me. I cried because I feel incomplete without it.

To the person who stole my phone, a very big bad karma is heading your way, I tell you. I hope you realize that and stop stealing already.

Now I wonder if I should buy a new expensive phone or I'll settle for a cheap one. I guess I'll mourn first for my lost phone and think of buying a new one after my mourning.