Mar 20, 2011

Supercell is Love

Yes, I love Supercell very much! In case you don't know, Supercell is a 11-member Japanese music group and they were known with their songs using Miku Hatsune's voice in Vocaloid. They became more popular when some of their songs became OSTs for famous anime series like Naruto, Bakemonogatari and Cencoroll.

I've been a fan of Supercell since I heard their song from Bakemonogatari. I was like replaying it a hundred times a day. Then I checked some of their songs and my personal favorites, aside from Kimi no Shiranai Monogatari, were LOVE & ROLL and Sayonara Memories.

And I was ecstatic when I knew that Supercell just released their second album, 'Today Is A Beautiful Day' and what made it really awesome is that all of my Supercell favorite songs are on it!

Here is an overview of the album:

Cover for First Press Limited Edition

Cover for Normal Edition


01. 終わりへ向かう始まりの歌 (Owari e Mukau Hajimari no Uta)
02. 君の知らない物語 (Kimi no Shiranai Monogatari)
03. ヒーロー (Hero)
04. Perfect Day
05. 復讐 (Fukushuu)
06. ロックンロールなんですの (Rock 'n Roll Nandesu no)
08. Feel so good
09. 星が瞬くこんな夜に (Hoshi ga Mabataku Konna Yoru ni)
10. うたかた花火 (Utakata Hanabi)
11. 夜が明けるよ(Yoru ga Akeru yo)
12. さよならメモリーズ (Sayonara Memories)
13. 私へ (Watashi e)

Here's a download link from Click Me!

I highly recommend this album. Every song is just too beautiful, I can listen to the album the whole day. I'm planning to buy this album on my next pay day beacuse currently, I'm swamped with payments for the Super Junior stuffs I ordered so I'm holding this for now. And check those cover album art, aren't those so cool?

FYI: My current text message alert tone is the Kimi no Shiranai Monogatari song which I have set since I discovered the song while watching Bakemonogatari.

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