Feb 6, 2011

Otaku Fest 2011 was AWESOME!

My head still aches now but yesterday, I had much fun! It was the fourth Otaku Fest event and I enjoyed it with workmates (especially with progteam 36), my co-founders/former organizers, my college friends, my cosplay/otaku friends, and my ELFriends.

I did not have sleep. I was from my nightshift work and I had to spend a little overtime at work because of my SMS survey. So yeah, I did not have enough preparations for my cosplay. No sleep, no proper make-up, plus messy wig. Yeah, damn you Superbowl for doing this to me...hahaha. But what I love about it is that my teammates waited for me to finish and supported me on my cosplay! Yay! Thanks to them! Also, thanks a lot to Team 60's team leader. He fixed the survey...Thanks much!

On the event, I met a LOT of friends....I was really happy to see them! I missed them especially my college friends and the co-founders of Otaku Fest. There were a lot of people and I felt so proud that Otaku Fest came this far now. It was just very amazing to realized it all. Congratz to the prod team!

I cosplayed Aya Natsume from Tenjho Tenge. It was not good though but at least I tried...XD

Here's a pic of me (sorry for the haggard face T.T)

'till the next Otaku Fest!!! :)

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