Feb 28, 2011

My SS3 Manila Journey

After six months of waiting, I finally saw Super Junior performing live! It was really an awesome experience! If you had read my posts before, it was last August 2010 when I accepted the realization that I became an ELF. I couldn't believe it, I just saw them in person!!!

I decided to watch SS3 Manila when I finally confirmed the date of their concert, Feb. 26, 2011. It was last August too when I confirmed this and I immediately booked a flight for Manila. At that time, I was still on my previous company so the flight I booked was in favor of my work schedule. I never imagined transferring to another company. But a month after, I realized that my work seems to be getting vague and I'm not happy anymore so I decided to resign and transferred to another company. My current schedule is a night-shift sked so it kinda messed up my flight sked. I tried to rebook but it was more expensive so I just stuck to my original flight details.

For the ticket, I was really aiming for the best seat which is VVIP center. Unfortunately, I never got the chance to get through the hotline. I was really sad. My sister even noticed my sad face. I just thought it wasn't meant for me. So the next best ticket available in ticketnet was the SVIP seat and decided to choose SVIP right since this is what my friend chose, at least I have someone to be with on the concert. :)

I asked for permission to leave for the concert last December which I believe was too early to ask. I'm just too excited, I can't help it! I also ordered a lightstick at that time but sadly, the online store failed me and I never received the lightstick until now.

Days passed and I was really anticipating already. I tried to join the SS3 Xpress contest which will get you closer to the boys but it was too hard to win..well, at least I tried. Three days before the show, I started packing and buying some stuffs to bring in Manila.

The day of my flight arrived and decided to undertime from work. My parents drove me to the airport. They were really supportive. Inside the airport, I met with my ELFriends but they are one hour ahead of my flight so they decided to wait for me which was really good of them. This was the first time I board the plane alone. Well, I'm used to be alone so it wasn't a problem.

I arrived at Manila and together with my ELFriends, we stayed in a near hotel in Araneta Coliseum. We attended the SuJu Fiesta which was packed with a lot of people. I tried to look for a Kyu lightstick since my order was a fail. It was hard since there were no Kyu lightstick anymore. But luckily, a new stall arrived and when they unpacked there bags, it was full of lightsticks! I was really happy and there, I bought my Kyu lightstick! I bought a Teuki fan for my eldest sister since she is a Leeteuk bias.

The day of the concert came and together with my friend who has the same ticket as me, we lined up early for our seat since our ticket is SVIP (Standing VIP, which means you need to be early to get a good standing position). It was a long wait but I don't care...we sat there waiting for the gates to open. I was really pissed when the front people started to scream around an hour before the gates opened and all the people at our back pushed us. The line was not on its order anymore. I was angry but my anger went away when we were inside the concert place already. We made sure we were near the edge. We were second row on the ramp stage edge.

The concert was really amazing! I can't get over it! I will highlight some of the good moments I remembered. All of them are more handsome and cute in person, I tell you.

Leeteuk - Teukie was so awesome when he flew in the "Don't Don" and "No Other" performances. I focused my cam on him since my sister loves him. He's really good looking and has this leader aura.

Heechul - now I know why Heenim is called "milky skinned", he has the most glowing white skin ever! He was so funny on his Lady Hee Hee performance. I noticed he looked at the blue stuffed toy I threw on the stage for a while. At least he saw it! XD

Yesung - it was really epic when Yesung sang "It Has To Be You"...the Filipino ELFs sang the chorus! I didn't know the lyrics but I sang along since at least I knew the tune of the song. He's introduction was funny...saying some Korean words that we don't understand but I guess we replied something like asdfghjklkjhhgffdsa...haha

Shindong - hahaha, Shindong was really funny on their "Single Ladies" performance. He almost knock down Donghae when Donghae attempted to take off the upper part of his costume. He dances so well with "Single Ladies"!

Sungmin - Sungmin got a hold of my flower-rabbit stem and threw it to the fans...but I managed to get it back and threw it back on the stage... I should have kept it..T.T But at least the staff have it though. He played the guitar on Ryeowook's solo..so cool.

Eunhyuk - gosh, Eunhyuk's performance of Jay Sean's "Down" was one of the best highlights of the show! I sang along the song so as the fans! It was an amazing number! He dances so well, definitely the dancing machine! And he said "You are so gorgeous."!  I laughed so hard...that was epic!

Donghae - Donghae is so good looking too! He opened his shirt on their "I Wanna Love You" performance and did a sexy dance...that was hot! And it was really funny when he covered his face in the "Single Ladies" performance when he was center, shaking his hips...he looked so embarrassed I think.. XD

Siwon - ok, Siwon's chocolate abs are so freaking disturbing! He is very handsome and he looked so manly. I really love his stare expressions...XD

Ryeowook - Wookie was really cute on his tomato costume. He also waves a lot in our side. Can't believe he was fat before...he looked skinny but not really skinny...I mean, you just can't imagine his body being big before.

Kyuhyun - my ultimate bias! He was really cute especially when he smiles! And the best voice I ever heard live! I felt like being crazy when Kyu comes near to us. He was really amazing. He will forever be my bias. :D

Henry - Henry was too cute! He sang Justin Beiber's "Baby". The fans shouted his name a lot and I can see that he was really happy!

Overall, the concert was a success! The best fan project I think was on the "No Other" performance were everyone raised their red hearts. It was so cool! And the Rinaldo performance, I was teary on that part. Henry said that of all the SS3 concerts, the SS3 Manila was the loudest! He speaks in English so well. He translated Leeteuk's message for us. They were very thankful to the fans. And the show ended well.

I feel like my fangirl side has been given justice. I thank God for giving me the opportunity to see Super Junior. Thank you to PULP for producing the concert. Thank you very much also to my ELFriends who were with me on this SS3 Manila journey~ Thank you everyone who took part in the success of the concert! Hoping for a SS4 Manila and I'll do my best to get the epic seat next time! ♥

Super Junior, I will always love you!♥ We will meet again!

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