Jan 31, 2011

Powerful Prayer

This prayer, they say, is a very powerful prayer. Our family use this prayer everytime we take or undergo difficult situations.

I'm sharing this prayer to all of you and please use it well.


O, blessed spirits and enlightened servants in the most high power, I am unworthy creature, cry out to You!
I invoke You and implore You and ask Your aid and support in executing the endeavor I am about to undertake!
    Guide me with You light!
    Warm me with Your flame!
    Sustain me with You effort!
    Uphold me in my weakness!
Assist me in the accomplishment of my difficult task!
Place in my hands the power, that You hold in Yours, for the greater glory of the most powerful, our Master and the greater happiness of men, His creatures
Protect me from the curses of the abyss and the poisonous breath of the lower shadow!
And may Your strength be upon me like a shield of fire, to protect me from the evil entities of three worlds
    So be it!
    So be it!
    So be it!

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