Jan 31, 2011

Now I Love Khuntoria Couple More!

I've been a WGM (We Got Married) fan because of the Sweet Potato couple but then, I became curious of the other 'idol' couple; the Khuntoria couple.

Khuntoria couple consist of Nichkhun of 2PM and Victoria of f(x). Apparently, they are called 'Khuntoria' because it's the combination of their names.

Victoria and Nichkhun

If you have watched their episodes, you can see that they act very natural and you can feel their affection for each other. They're such a cute couple because they really suit each other. Because of these two, I became interested of 2PM and f(x).

The couple are said to be both foreigners since Nichkhun came from Thailand while Victoria is from China but both of them speaks fluent Korean. Nichkhun is such a nice guy and he surely knows how to make a girl happy. He's like an ideal man for me. Victoria, on the other hand, is a talented girl and I like her childish and immature attitude because I'm somehow like that. These two are just too perfect for each other and I'm really hoping for a real love relationship between them.

That's it for now and I'm off to see their latest episode now. Ja!^^

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