Jan 24, 2011

First Post for 2011

Lol me, I totally forgot to post for the new year... Belated Happy New Year! XD Anyway, Imma share some things that got me really busy. First is definitely work. Yes, work takes more time than before and is well, more 'stressful' but I know I can overcome this and I'll learn a lot. Never thought that doing direct communication with your American managers will give you a lot of pressure. Then because I'm on a nightshift sked now, it's more tiring and I can't spend anytime for myself. Well, if I do have, I just wanted to stay at home and sleep. I lost the interest to go shopping and buy something for myself. Yeah, I get to save a lot because of that...haha. So that's why I started to do online shopping instead.

Second thing I think that I always do, is stalking Super Junior. Yay! This SJ fandom motivates me to work since I'm going to their concert next month! I'm super excited! And hopefully, my Kyuhyun lightstick arrives by tomorrow...that online shop I ordered my lightstick is not properly managed and customers are getting annoyed with their slow response including me. Thankfully, one of the admins contacted me a while ago and promised to send my orders today. That took a little of my frustrations from that online store...and I say I'll never order their again!

Third would be my cosplay hobby. Yes, I'm attending Otaku Fest 4 which will be held on Feb. 5, 2011! I have already asked my official seamstress to make me my costume. The character I'll be cosplaying, well, it's a secret but it's a Japanese school uniformed character with a katana. :) I have invited my co-workers and friends and I hope to see them in the event.

That's it for now. Please God continue to guide me with everything I do. Take care everyone! :)

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