Dec 31, 2011

Last Day of 2011

It's the last day of 2011, which means it's my birthday! Yeah, you got it right, that's why my name is Chrisma because I was born in the month of December. I'm not really sure what to do on my birthday. I'm just at home right now, trying to get some rest. I feel contented just to be at home with my family, preparing for the New Year's eve (which means there is always food on my birthday ;p).

A lot of people greeted me on Facebook and a few via my mobile phone. I appreciate all your greetings! Anyway, I wish for happy birthday but I don't feel happy at all. I'm not sad either, it's just that I have a lot of things in my mind right now. I worry too much on my work and my health as well. So my wishes for my birthday are: to get well soon on my stomach illness and; my project energy will be successful.

Please Lord hear my wishes and I will do my best to be a better person, pretty please?

On the other side, I'm sharing the highlights of my 2011:
- seeing Super Junior in SS3 Manila
- my worked-so-hard-to-buy phone stolen
- my brother getting married
- having a new house
- project challenge at work
- cosplaying thrice
- having the first grandchild in the family.

More happiness than sadness so I feel very blessed. May 2012 bring more happiness to me and to all~! Happy new year everyone~! God bless us all in 2012! ♡

Dec 22, 2011

Welcoming The First Grandchild in the Family

Finally, after much anticipation, my brother's wife gave birth to our first grandchild in the family and our first nephew: a handsome baby boy!

Look at these photos of the new born baby on how adorable he is!

The proud father.

Wishing all the best for my brother and his son. =)

Dec 5, 2011

Wishing for a Happy December

Ah, it's December already~! Time flies really fast! More pressure and stress will be coming in the next few days for my work. Ah, I should create some mitigation plans to relieve these pressure and stress.

Some things I look forward, which I think may lessen the anxieties I'm feeling right now:
  • Receiving  my 13th-month pay.
  • Buying a new bed, closet, and collections cabinet (yeah, my Super Junior, anime, CD and books collections need to get displayed properly ;p) for my room.
  • Buying a new wig for my Otaku Fest costume.
  • Buying new clothes. 
  • Buying an MP3 player (not sure yet XD).
  • Celebrating Christmas with family.
  • Celebrating my 23 years of existence (yes, I was born in December and every time I think my birthday is near, I feel a little stress 'cause I'm a year older, reminding me that I'm getting old XD)
But I have these worries which make me think if my December will ever be happy, considering the pressure I'll be facing this month. Lord, just make my December a happy one, please?

And here's a couple of my wishlist for Christmas (these are the only things I think I need but if I'm given things other than these, I'm willing to accept them =D):
  • My Project Energy will be successful.
  • SS4 Manila/Watch SS4 outside of Philippines (though I prefer SS4 Manila)
I know I can achieve a lot of things if I just believe and work hard. God, please bless my project and my family. Also, don't forget my wish for SS4, ok? =D

Nov 25, 2011

When Will I Be Happy Again

Yep, I'm not happy these past few days and it started when I went back to my night shift sked. It gets sadder and sadder as the day pass. God, I know this is a big challenge for me but somehow, the situation I am right now makes me cry, thinking if I could be happy again.

I want to hang out with my close friends. I want a vacation. I want to see an SS4 concert. I want to travel outside of the country. I try to motivate myself that someday, somehow, I can have all these things I want. But when will it be? I wonder. It makes me want to cry more.

I feel like there is a huge thorn in my heart that needs to pull out. This anxiety is killing me, seriously. If the pressure is in critical state, my stomach hurts and it's very painful. Will I be even happy on Christmas? Will I even celebrate my birthday? Will I enjoy fireworks with my family on New Year's eve?

God, please, as long as everything goes well, then I'll be fine. Please continue to make a way that everything will be okay. Strengthen me and motivate me. I know I can do it as long as You are there for me.

My heart hurts right now but I'll definitely get this over with and I know for sure that someday, I'll be happy again.

Nov 7, 2011

Celebrating Super Junior's 6th Year Anniversary with ELFs in Cebu

November 06, 2011 marks the 6th year anniversary of Super Junior in the entertainment industry and this is one of the most important dates Super Junior and ELF note in their calendars.

For this year, I have decided to celebrate it with my fellow ELF here in Cebu since they have planned an event in celebration of the 6th year anniversary, so I was thinking, why not? I'm a huge ELF after all. =)

The event was really great! I mean, I met new friends and we share the same passion. Wow, I just love that feeling when you meet someone that shares the same interests as you.

We had games, which made me introduce to new ELF faces, candle blowing for the anniversary cake, put-cake-icing-on-the-face moments, and spaghetti party.

We also had some fan projects. The first one we did was the fan project for superlegacy. Here's a pic from my friend Tiff:

Mr. Simple Ver.A Fan Project photo by Tiff

The second fan project was the highlight of the event and I feel very lucky to witness and capture the moments of this awesome fan project: 13 sky lanterns for 13 amazing supermen. Here's my exclusive video, captured and edited by yours truly:

PS. I also love the 13 blue balloons...yay~! Super Junior and ELF fighting~! Let's make more awesome years ahead.♥

Me with the 13 blue balloons. I love you Super Junior. ♥

Oct 30, 2011

Witchy Set for Halloween 2011

My long plan of cosplaying one of Dance Battle Audition's game costumes has come true -- the witchy set: one of the most expensive outfit sold in the game.

My costume isn't the exact replica of the original but I believe most of the details were covered up. =)

So here's a pic of the original witchy set costume on the game:

And here's my witchy set attempt for our company's Halloween party:

photo by my friend, Lovely =)
I'm quite happy that I was able to cosplay on a company event! LOL Well, yeah since I don't have much time to do all my hobbies so I grabbed this opportunity to be able to cosplay again. I love my costume! Yes! hahaha.. =D

Oct 27, 2011

I Wanna Love You

If you're thinking I'm referring to someone I want to love, then you're wrong. I'm talking about Super Junior's Eunhyuk and Donghae's song, "I Wanna Love You" from their SS3 Concert Album. It's such a nice song, I can cry. ㅠ.ㅠ

Here's an awesome fanmade video of the song:

And here's another fanmade video, this time, with lyrics:

Hope you'll love it too~!

Sep 18, 2011

My Happy Dayshift Days Are Over

After almost six months in dayshift sked, I am going back to nightshift sked. It's a bit sudden but I knew that eventually, sooner or later, that I'll have to be back on a nightshift sked. The reason behind it is that the team leads have decided to entrust to me this very big project, which I will code name as "project E".

Comparing dayshift and nightshift skeds, I personally love the dayshift sked. This is because there is less pressure since there will only be few people that will bug you during work, I can focus and work straight, and you're an upkeep programmer which means you don't own projects and their less responsibilities to projects handled.

But the time has come for me to be back on nightshift and become a main programmer again. And this time, I am teamed with two other programmers to handle the project E. I'm quite honored that the team leads have this big trust to me but I also feel that they place me as a bait for this project. There are a few main programmers that are more experienced and more knowledgeable than me but they chose me to lead the project and if this project fails, the blame will be at me. One programmer was supposed to handle the project but during one of their shifts, she was caught sleeping by our director. Because of this, our main team lead decided to transfer her to dayshift, replacing me. I was okay with it at first but then, after the announcement of switching skeds with her, she knew that it was because she was caught sleeping. She was sorry to me and I just told her that it was okay but I realized that yeah, it was kinda her fault that I had to switch skeds with her. I mean, if she wasn't caught sleeping, then she will have to handle the project E right? I was kinda sad. I was thinking that because someone was not doing well at work, another someone will have to sacrifice to cover or solve that someone's mistake. Gosh, I should not think that way but I can't help it and it saddens me. I need to think positive like I will be receiving a nightdiff pay and most probably, I can attend some cosplay events soon.

I know that this is just a challenge and I know God will make a way for me to make the project E a successful project. Please God, guide me and bless me with this project and hopefully, I will not be sleepy during my nightshift sked. I will do my best~! Ganbatte me~! Fighting me~!

Aug 24, 2011

Words Turn To Action: Heechul's Military Enlistment

So it's official; Super Junior's space big star Kim Heechul has announced that he is joining the army by September 1. That's eight days from now.

Ah, my reaction: totally shocked. I mean, Super Junior is in the middle of their Mr. Simple promotions, why the heck decide on this now?! Then it hit me, reality hurts. Each of them will eventually have to serve the army no matter what. It really pains me to think that Heechul will be away for two long years, not being active with the other members. I was even anticipating for a Super Show 4 where I can see them all again but somehow I feel discouraged, thinking that Heechul will surely not be on the show anymore. Seriously, I cry every time I'm reminded of this reality. From the day this news was announced until today, I'm carrying a heavy heart.  My parents would not understand why I almost skipped dinner last night. My workmates would not understand why I'm telling them I'm depressed with this news. I just can't explain well to people who are not Super Junior fans.

I'm still in a state of depression but I know eventually, I'll have to accept this. No matter what Heechul and the rest of the Super Junior members decide on, I'll support them and wish them the best.

Thank you Heechul and Super Junior for making my life exciting.
Saranghaeyo Kim Heechul, Milky White Skin Kim Heechul~! Super Junior fighting~!

Aug 14, 2011

Skuld Cosplay in TorCh 2

Because it's been a while since my last cosplay and because most of the cosplay events are held in a Saturday, which means I have work, I decided to take a leave for the TorCh cosplay event. And I'm just grateful our team head granted my request and even asked me several cosplay questions (ex. Who are you cosplaying? Do you make your own costume? etc.).

Finally, my Skuld costume which I have kept for many months now will be in used. I went in the event together with my sister who was wearing a waloli costume.

Here's a pic of me cosplaying as Skuld from the anime Ah! My Goddess:

I pulled several all-nighters just to finish my accessories and props because I'm such a busy person. XD

A lot of cosplayers were great and awesome. The level of cosplaying in Cebu has gotten better and better. I salute those people who do excellent props. I don't have the skill in making good props so I stick to simple props only. :<

The event was nice but I was not really happy with the venue. Events like cosplay should be held in a bigger venue because surely, there will be a lot of people attending. But aside on the venue issue, everything turned out good. Also, I was a bit disappointed that only three pairs joined the contest. Compared to last year's, there were I think ten pairs competing. There were some good cosplays on the event but did not joined the contest. Well, I hope next time, more cosplayers will join the contest, it's more exciting and fun.

I'm just glad I can cosplay again. 'Til my next cosplay! =D

PS. I'm not sure with my next cosplay though, I'll have to ask for another leave again. =)

Aug 5, 2011

Blow Your Mind by Mr. Simple

Finally, after a year and four months, Super Junior is back with their 5th album called "Mr. Simple". This is the first time I have waited for a Super Junior comeback because when I became a fan of them, it was around their goodbye stages already from their Bonamana promotions.

I really love all their songs from their new album. Ever since it was released last Aug. 2, 2011 12AM KST (yeah, I pulled an all-nighter to wait for the album's release online, that's 11PM in our time), I was listening to the album countless times already. It somehow lessens my stress from work and worries. My personal fave song from the album is "My Love, My Kiss, My Heart" sung by Super Junior-KRY. The melody is just so good with matching strong and deep lyrics.

The Mr. Simple song is so catchy and addicting...always a last song syndrome. Their music video is good too. I don't see it as cheap or anything because it's their style and I love it since it emphasizes well their choreography. Speaking of choreography, I don't even see their choreo as simple. Looking at the dance steps, they were pretty hard.

I personally love this second teaser for the music video:

An here's their music video for Mr. Simple:

Super Junior's Mr. Simple has definitely blown my mind. I wish a lot of success for their comeback and I feel sad thinking this might be their last album so I will support them as best as I can. ♡

Jul 18, 2011

Thank You and Goodbye, Harry Potter

I've been a fan of Harry Potter since high school. I got really curious to this bulky book (turns out to be the fifth book already, Goblet of Fire) my classmate bought in our school. It was then the time the fifth book was just released. Also, at that time, the first movie, the Sorcerer's Stone, was released in theaters and I realized it was related to that bulky book I just saw. I watched the movie first and I was immediately got hooked by the story. The first book I read was the third one, the Prisoner of Azkaban, since it was the only book I can borrow at that time. It was really good. Since I wanted to read the first book so badly, I bought a copy for myself. Eventually, I was able to read all books except the last one (the Deathly Hollows). I'm not sure why I can't finish the seventh book but I will definitely finish it soon.

After watching the Deathly Hollows movie part two made me realized it really is the end of Harry Potter. Honestly, I'm really sad. I don't want to bid farewell to a story I have grown up with. Harry Potter is one of my beloved interest since high school. Watching it end hurts, but I will surely not forget the lessons I learned. Thank you and goodbye Harry Potter. Thank you to J.K. Rowling for this wonderful adventure she has shared to us.

And lastly, let me share to you my most fave quote of Albus Dumbledore from the second book, the Chamber of Secrets:
"It is our choices that show what we truly are, far more than our abilities."

Jul 10, 2011

Back to Manila

Yes, I went back to Manila this year and this time, it's an all out trip with my workmates.

I felt I needed a long break from work and finally, I was given that break, a weekend trip in Manila.

This time, we went to a lot of places. First stop was the Enchanted Kingdom in Laguna. I really love it there! I love those extreme rides like the Space Shuttle, Anchors Away, and my most fave of all, the Ekstreme. These rides were like letting me shout all my stress out. I felt like all my worries were gone. I felt very overwhelmed.

The next day we went to Greenhills and Mall of Asia (MOA). We shopped 'till we dropped. It was also my first time to watch a movie on IMAX. Guess what's the movie, it's Transformers Dark of the Moon! I also dropped by at Comic Alley and finally bought a Kon stuffed toy. That store is an otaku's haven, I tell you. We had some dinner at the Racks too.

The last day came and hours before our flight back home, we went to University of the Philippines Diliman. Being a UPian, me and my friends did not missed to visit the best UP Campus and took some pics with their oblation statue.

We went back home safe, carrying our bags of boxes of Krispy Kremes.

It was a good break from our stressful work. Thank God for giving me a short vacation. Till my next vacation leave. ;-)

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Jun 19, 2011

if you could be the president of the philippines, what will be your first project?

tour around the Philippines and study ways to solve problems of education and poverty. Also, I'd like to force the implementation of laws...meaning, I'd like everybody to know or to be familiar with laws and forcing each Filipino to follow them. Our laws need strong enforcement.

Try to decode my thoughts...

What are you procrastinating right now?

accomplishing my college clearance to get my diploma and my TOR....and applying for a passport!!! gosh, I'm getting old, I should get these stuffs asap. T.T

Try to decode my thoughts...

Temporary Stay

I once wished when I was on elementary years that whenever I go home, our house would change into a "good-looking" house. Something like a magical transformation in my imagination. But whenever I arrive home, our house would just look the same, small and made with light materials, much like just a cabin. I realized that at that time, I was aware that our house was not good and needs reconstruction.

Time passed and I almost forgot that dream of mine. I was contented and happy, as long as I'm with my family and friends. Then I graduated from college and got a good job now.

This year, since all my siblings are now professionals and have jobs, my family has decided to reconstruct our house, at last. Then I remembered my ultimate wish when I was still in elementary, it's coming true now! Finally, my childhood dream of reconstructing/rebuilding our house has now started. We are currently and temporarily staying at my grandma's house, just across our 'under construction' house.

I'm very happy! God, thank you for this! I also pray we can finish building the entire house. Please God make a way for us to make the reconstruction of the house successful and done soon.

Anyway, as soon as the house is done, we'll probably do a housewarming party. I'll update soon. Bye for now!

May 19, 2011

My Brother Just Got Married!

My brother, who is the second to the eldest sibling of the family, got married last Saturday. He is the first among my siblings who got married, getting married ahead of our eldest sister.

Anyway, the wedding was spectacular! Everything was well-planned! And I just couldn't imagine how much my brother spent for that wedding. He even hired one of the best videographers and photographers in our place!

I am really amazed by his videographer who made such an amazing wedding onsite video. It just took a day to be done and was played before the wedding reception ended. My brother himself chose the music. Here is their onsite video, awesomely created by Eugene Florendo:


And here's a sample of their pre-nup photos by Lito Inso (I think his wedding photos are not yet available but he's the same photographer who took his pre-nup photos.) :

So overall, my brother's wedding was a success. I am very happy for my brother. Congratulations to the newlyweds! And yeah, no more single man in the family! =D

May 2, 2011

Stolen Phone Updates

Since I decided to take legal actions against the culprit who stole my phone and the one who bought it, I've been receiving very positive results.

Just so you know, my phone had this mobile tracker feature which I've set up to send the new sim card number to my other phone number. This was a good start to trace the current user of my phone, which I believe has already bought my phone from the culprit. So I decided to report the incident to the police but it was kinda hard to just rely on the new phone number. I was planning to deceive the new user of my phone that he/she won a prize or something and trap him.

 I started to forget the incident and I was ready to move on but I feel like my phone was crying for help. After a week, suddenly, a photo was uploaded on my Super Junior album on Facebook and it was via mobileblog, meaning, it was uploaded using my phone! The photo clearly shows faces of an unknown man and an unknown woman! I was like, who the hell are these people? But I realized, OMG, my phone was initially set-up to upload photos to my Facebook account! Most probably, the user accidentally uploaded the photo! So I made use of all my connections and the forums, posted the pic to know who these people are and God has been good to me, someone led me to the full name of the guy on the photo. We contacted the guy and he denied everything. He was so arrogant that if I was talking to him in person, I could have bitch slap him. He was trying to cover up, thought he could threaten me with his messages. He even said he could buy anything since he's a call center agent, I mean, hello?, is that all you can boast? I'm a professional PHP programmer you know. So I left all the communications to my brother, since I promised him to give that phone to him if I get it back.

After another week, my brother and the guy contacted each other again and at last, the guy admitted that he had the phone! Like, if I was there, I would bitch slap him with all my energy! And he is best loser I know for returning my phone to the culprit. If he had just given back my phone, then it's the end of the case. I would not sue him or involved him anymore but he has done such crazy and stupid moves. So what they have agreed on is to replace my phone and entrap the culprit. So yeah, the case is resolving soon.

So God heard my prayers about my phone. God is so great that He made a way to let us trace my phone. He really is the BEST! And I will say this over and over again, do not underestimate the power of prayers. :)

Apr 3, 2011

I was Scared, Sad, Angry...I Don't Know But Definitely I'm Not Happy

Ok so a while ago, I was at the biggest mall here in our place. When I rode the van going home, I noticed that my phone was gone. Some freakin' a**hole bullsh** person stole it at the mall and I didn't notice until I got on the van. I was scared, sad, angry...I don't know but definitely I'm not happy.

My Samsung Star Wifi phone was the fruit of my first 13th month pay from my previous company. It meant a lot to me. I bought it last December 2009 and so I had it for a year and three months. I love my phone very much since it always gave me a good quality service.

Yes, I cried. I cried because that phone was a fruit of my labor and someone just stole it. Maybe I was being careless but you know it's very wrong to steal. I cried because it costs a lot. I cried because I remembered the efforts I did to save up the money just to buy that phone. I cried because I'm gonna miss my phone. I cried because I can't believe it happened to me. I cried because I feel incomplete without it.

To the person who stole my phone, a very big bad karma is heading your way, I tell you. I hope you realize that and stop stealing already.

Now I wonder if I should buy a new expensive phone or I'll settle for a cheap one. I guess I'll mourn first for my lost phone and think of buying a new one after my mourning.

Mar 20, 2011

Supercell is Love

Yes, I love Supercell very much! In case you don't know, Supercell is a 11-member Japanese music group and they were known with their songs using Miku Hatsune's voice in Vocaloid. They became more popular when some of their songs became OSTs for famous anime series like Naruto, Bakemonogatari and Cencoroll.

I've been a fan of Supercell since I heard their song from Bakemonogatari. I was like replaying it a hundred times a day. Then I checked some of their songs and my personal favorites, aside from Kimi no Shiranai Monogatari, were LOVE & ROLL and Sayonara Memories.

And I was ecstatic when I knew that Supercell just released their second album, 'Today Is A Beautiful Day' and what made it really awesome is that all of my Supercell favorite songs are on it!

Here is an overview of the album:

Cover for First Press Limited Edition

Cover for Normal Edition


01. 終わりへ向かう始まりの歌 (Owari e Mukau Hajimari no Uta)
02. 君の知らない物語 (Kimi no Shiranai Monogatari)
03. ヒーロー (Hero)
04. Perfect Day
05. 復讐 (Fukushuu)
06. ロックンロールなんですの (Rock 'n Roll Nandesu no)
08. Feel so good
09. 星が瞬くこんな夜に (Hoshi ga Mabataku Konna Yoru ni)
10. うたかた花火 (Utakata Hanabi)
11. 夜が明けるよ(Yoru ga Akeru yo)
12. さよならメモリーズ (Sayonara Memories)
13. 私へ (Watashi e)

Here's a download link from Click Me!

I highly recommend this album. Every song is just too beautiful, I can listen to the album the whole day. I'm planning to buy this album on my next pay day beacuse currently, I'm swamped with payments for the Super Junior stuffs I ordered so I'm holding this for now. And check those cover album art, aren't those so cool?

FYI: My current text message alert tone is the Kimi no Shiranai Monogatari song which I have set since I discovered the song while watching Bakemonogatari.

Feb 28, 2011

My SS3 Manila Journey

After six months of waiting, I finally saw Super Junior performing live! It was really an awesome experience! If you had read my posts before, it was last August 2010 when I accepted the realization that I became an ELF. I couldn't believe it, I just saw them in person!!!

I decided to watch SS3 Manila when I finally confirmed the date of their concert, Feb. 26, 2011. It was last August too when I confirmed this and I immediately booked a flight for Manila. At that time, I was still on my previous company so the flight I booked was in favor of my work schedule. I never imagined transferring to another company. But a month after, I realized that my work seems to be getting vague and I'm not happy anymore so I decided to resign and transferred to another company. My current schedule is a night-shift sked so it kinda messed up my flight sked. I tried to rebook but it was more expensive so I just stuck to my original flight details.

For the ticket, I was really aiming for the best seat which is VVIP center. Unfortunately, I never got the chance to get through the hotline. I was really sad. My sister even noticed my sad face. I just thought it wasn't meant for me. So the next best ticket available in ticketnet was the SVIP seat and decided to choose SVIP right since this is what my friend chose, at least I have someone to be with on the concert. :)

I asked for permission to leave for the concert last December which I believe was too early to ask. I'm just too excited, I can't help it! I also ordered a lightstick at that time but sadly, the online store failed me and I never received the lightstick until now.

Days passed and I was really anticipating already. I tried to join the SS3 Xpress contest which will get you closer to the boys but it was too hard to win..well, at least I tried. Three days before the show, I started packing and buying some stuffs to bring in Manila.

The day of my flight arrived and decided to undertime from work. My parents drove me to the airport. They were really supportive. Inside the airport, I met with my ELFriends but they are one hour ahead of my flight so they decided to wait for me which was really good of them. This was the first time I board the plane alone. Well, I'm used to be alone so it wasn't a problem.

I arrived at Manila and together with my ELFriends, we stayed in a near hotel in Araneta Coliseum. We attended the SuJu Fiesta which was packed with a lot of people. I tried to look for a Kyu lightstick since my order was a fail. It was hard since there were no Kyu lightstick anymore. But luckily, a new stall arrived and when they unpacked there bags, it was full of lightsticks! I was really happy and there, I bought my Kyu lightstick! I bought a Teuki fan for my eldest sister since she is a Leeteuk bias.

The day of the concert came and together with my friend who has the same ticket as me, we lined up early for our seat since our ticket is SVIP (Standing VIP, which means you need to be early to get a good standing position). It was a long wait but I don't care...we sat there waiting for the gates to open. I was really pissed when the front people started to scream around an hour before the gates opened and all the people at our back pushed us. The line was not on its order anymore. I was angry but my anger went away when we were inside the concert place already. We made sure we were near the edge. We were second row on the ramp stage edge.

The concert was really amazing! I can't get over it! I will highlight some of the good moments I remembered. All of them are more handsome and cute in person, I tell you.

Leeteuk - Teukie was so awesome when he flew in the "Don't Don" and "No Other" performances. I focused my cam on him since my sister loves him. He's really good looking and has this leader aura.

Heechul - now I know why Heenim is called "milky skinned", he has the most glowing white skin ever! He was so funny on his Lady Hee Hee performance. I noticed he looked at the blue stuffed toy I threw on the stage for a while. At least he saw it! XD

Yesung - it was really epic when Yesung sang "It Has To Be You"...the Filipino ELFs sang the chorus! I didn't know the lyrics but I sang along since at least I knew the tune of the song. He's introduction was funny...saying some Korean words that we don't understand but I guess we replied something like asdfghjklkjhhgffdsa...haha

Shindong - hahaha, Shindong was really funny on their "Single Ladies" performance. He almost knock down Donghae when Donghae attempted to take off the upper part of his costume. He dances so well with "Single Ladies"!

Sungmin - Sungmin got a hold of my flower-rabbit stem and threw it to the fans...but I managed to get it back and threw it back on the stage... I should have kept it..T.T But at least the staff have it though. He played the guitar on Ryeowook's cool.

Eunhyuk - gosh, Eunhyuk's performance of Jay Sean's "Down" was one of the best highlights of the show! I sang along the song so as the fans! It was an amazing number! He dances so well, definitely the dancing machine! And he said "You are so gorgeous."!  I laughed so hard...that was epic!

Donghae - Donghae is so good looking too! He opened his shirt on their "I Wanna Love You" performance and did a sexy dance...that was hot! And it was really funny when he covered his face in the "Single Ladies" performance when he was center, shaking his hips...he looked so embarrassed I think.. XD

Siwon - ok, Siwon's chocolate abs are so freaking disturbing! He is very handsome and he looked so manly. I really love his stare expressions...XD

Ryeowook - Wookie was really cute on his tomato costume. He also waves a lot in our side. Can't believe he was fat before...he looked skinny but not really skinny...I mean, you just can't imagine his body being big before.

Kyuhyun - my ultimate bias! He was really cute especially when he smiles! And the best voice I ever heard live! I felt like being crazy when Kyu comes near to us. He was really amazing. He will forever be my bias. :D

Henry - Henry was too cute! He sang Justin Beiber's "Baby". The fans shouted his name a lot and I can see that he was really happy!

Overall, the concert was a success! The best fan project I think was on the "No Other" performance were everyone raised their red hearts. It was so cool! And the Rinaldo performance, I was teary on that part. Henry said that of all the SS3 concerts, the SS3 Manila was the loudest! He speaks in English so well. He translated Leeteuk's message for us. They were very thankful to the fans. And the show ended well.

I feel like my fangirl side has been given justice. I thank God for giving me the opportunity to see Super Junior. Thank you to PULP for producing the concert. Thank you very much also to my ELFriends who were with me on this SS3 Manila journey~ Thank you everyone who took part in the success of the concert! Hoping for a SS4 Manila and I'll do my best to get the epic seat next time! ♥

Super Junior, I will always love you!♥ We will meet again!

Feb 10, 2011

I'm on a Cosplay Feature Article!

Hi everyone! I totally forgot to buy a copy of Sunstar local newspaper that featured a cosplay article last Feb. 09, 2011. And guess what, I was on it! I was asked some few questions by the writer and she mentioned publishing it on that day and boo me, I forgot about it!!!

But anyway, some cosplayers got a copy of it and scanned it! Hurray for them!

Here's the part of the article where I was mentioned:

Thanks a lot to the writer and to the scanner! XD
And remember this, Cosplay is not about's about how you enjoy it. =D

Feb 6, 2011

Otaku Fest 2011 was AWESOME!

My head still aches now but yesterday, I had much fun! It was the fourth Otaku Fest event and I enjoyed it with workmates (especially with progteam 36), my co-founders/former organizers, my college friends, my cosplay/otaku friends, and my ELFriends.

I did not have sleep. I was from my nightshift work and I had to spend a little overtime at work because of my SMS survey. So yeah, I did not have enough preparations for my cosplay. No sleep, no proper make-up, plus messy wig. Yeah, damn you Superbowl for doing this to me...hahaha. But what I love about it is that my teammates waited for me to finish and supported me on my cosplay! Yay! Thanks to them! Also, thanks a lot to Team 60's team leader. He fixed the survey...Thanks much!

On the event, I met a LOT of friends....I was really happy to see them! I missed them especially my college friends and the co-founders of Otaku Fest. There were a lot of people and I felt so proud that Otaku Fest came this far now. It was just very amazing to realized it all. Congratz to the prod team!

I cosplayed Aya Natsume from Tenjho Tenge. It was not good though but at least I tried...XD

Here's a pic of me (sorry for the haggard face T.T)

'till the next Otaku Fest!!! :)

Jan 31, 2011

Now I Love Khuntoria Couple More!

I've been a WGM (We Got Married) fan because of the Sweet Potato couple but then, I became curious of the other 'idol' couple; the Khuntoria couple.

Khuntoria couple consist of Nichkhun of 2PM and Victoria of f(x). Apparently, they are called 'Khuntoria' because it's the combination of their names.

Victoria and Nichkhun

If you have watched their episodes, you can see that they act very natural and you can feel their affection for each other. They're such a cute couple because they really suit each other. Because of these two, I became interested of 2PM and f(x).

The couple are said to be both foreigners since Nichkhun came from Thailand while Victoria is from China but both of them speaks fluent Korean. Nichkhun is such a nice guy and he surely knows how to make a girl happy. He's like an ideal man for me. Victoria, on the other hand, is a talented girl and I like her childish and immature attitude because I'm somehow like that. These two are just too perfect for each other and I'm really hoping for a real love relationship between them.

That's it for now and I'm off to see their latest episode now. Ja!^^

Powerful Prayer

This prayer, they say, is a very powerful prayer. Our family use this prayer everytime we take or undergo difficult situations.

I'm sharing this prayer to all of you and please use it well.


O, blessed spirits and enlightened servants in the most high power, I am unworthy creature, cry out to You!
I invoke You and implore You and ask Your aid and support in executing the endeavor I am about to undertake!
    Guide me with You light!
    Warm me with Your flame!
    Sustain me with You effort!
    Uphold me in my weakness!
Assist me in the accomplishment of my difficult task!
Place in my hands the power, that You hold in Yours, for the greater glory of the most powerful, our Master and the greater happiness of men, His creatures
Protect me from the curses of the abyss and the poisonous breath of the lower shadow!
And may Your strength be upon me like a shield of fire, to protect me from the evil entities of three worlds
    So be it!
    So be it!
    So be it!

Jan 24, 2011

First Post for 2011

Lol me, I totally forgot to post for the new year... Belated Happy New Year! XD Anyway, Imma share some things that got me really busy. First is definitely work. Yes, work takes more time than before and is well, more 'stressful' but I know I can overcome this and I'll learn a lot. Never thought that doing direct communication with your American managers will give you a lot of pressure. Then because I'm on a nightshift sked now, it's more tiring and I can't spend anytime for myself. Well, if I do have, I just wanted to stay at home and sleep. I lost the interest to go shopping and buy something for myself. Yeah, I get to save a lot because of that...haha. So that's why I started to do online shopping instead.

Second thing I think that I always do, is stalking Super Junior. Yay! This SJ fandom motivates me to work since I'm going to their concert next month! I'm super excited! And hopefully, my Kyuhyun lightstick arrives by tomorrow...that online shop I ordered my lightstick is not properly managed and customers are getting annoyed with their slow response including me. Thankfully, one of the admins contacted me a while ago and promised to send my orders today. That took a little of my frustrations from that online store...and I say I'll never order their again!

Third would be my cosplay hobby. Yes, I'm attending Otaku Fest 4 which will be held on Feb. 5, 2011! I have already asked my official seamstress to make me my costume. The character I'll be cosplaying, well, it's a secret but it's a Japanese school uniformed character with a katana. :) I have invited my co-workers and friends and I hope to see them in the event.

That's it for now. Please God continue to guide me with everything I do. Take care everyone! :)