Dec 22, 2010

Current Job Blues

I’m having issues again with my current job. I don’t know why people are trying to underestimate my current job and being sorry for my previous position. Indeed, I had a very good position from my previous company but what’s in a good position if your pay is too low? Maybe I was the only Project Manager that receives less than 6k every pay day. Surprising huh? And the company’s under an identity crisis, I tell you.
Yesterday, on my way to work, I came across my cousin. She was surprised to see me since it was already night and she asked if I was also on a night shift sked and I said yes. This cousin of mine is working on the same call center as my brother so obviously, she’ll be on a night shift sked. She just knew there in there that I transferred to another company. She was like bashing my current company, saying agents there are being retrenched well hello, I’m not an agent, I’m a programmer. So there, I tried explaining my side but I can tell that she wasn’t happy. I mean, if someone decides for his/her career, somehow respect and understand. Do not show you’re unhappy or underestimating that person as if you know what’s best.
And I’ll say this again, I want to program because I want to be good at it. I don’t want to have a higher position than that for now. At least, if I get a higher position, I can manage well the people under me since I already experienced the work they have.
For now, I’m happy with my job. Things are properly done through specific processes. And it’s a big bonus to receive almost double of what I receive before every pay day, don’t you think? :)

Dec 16, 2010

Farewell Tiny

I never thought that my first December post would be about the passing away of a dear high school friend of mine. For privacy, I'm just going to call him by his nickname, Tiny. He died last Sunday night because of cardiac arrest. They believed he had a sort of nightmare and was unable to wake up anymore.

I received the shocking news last Sunday night when my other high school friend, now a nurse, sent a message, confirming everything since she was there in the hospital when Tiny was attempted to be revived. My nurse friend was feeling really sorry that she couldn’t help and she can’t understand how she’s feeling when she saw everything.

Now, I’m currently at work writing this draft since I can’t concentrate with work and I feel like I want to express how I feel about the sad news.  I felt bad for not attending the first night of his wake but I’ll definitely visit this week. I’m going to share some good memories I had with Tiny.

Tiny was my classmate for three years in high school. We had some few things in common and the most notable one would be we have the same birthday, that is, December 31. He was the first person I knew to have the same birthday as me. Another thing in common would be how similar his surname to my first name that when I was on my first year, my Mom thought she was called by our teacher but it was Tiny’s Mom who was called. My Mom will always remember that mistake of hers. I also remembered that he also enjoys anime music which I also like. He will also let me listen to his Winter Sonata midi ringtone since I like it too. I will always remember that he was the first boy who gave me a Christmas gift. I really wondered why he gave me one but then I soon found out (I’m not really sure though, just realized back then since some of my classmates were teasing...) that he had an interest in me. He never confirmed though but I really didn’t care since I see everyone as my friends. When we were in college until we’re working now, Tiny was always present with our reunion gatherings. Just last October, he was with us enjoying a pool party. I even took a lot of pictures and looking back on those photos makes me sad since I never knew that those photos will be my last memory of him. I even promised him some time this year that I will sing some anime songs for his band on the next Otaku Fest. He would try and ask me to start memorizing the lyrics. How I wish I could sing one for him for the last time.

To the family of Tiny especially to his Mom (by the way, Tiny’s an only child so maybe his Mom is having a hard time accepting the reality), I extend my deepest condolences. For the wonderful friendship and memories, thank you very much Tiny. We will definitely miss you. Your age may stop for now but our birthdate will remain the same. Have a safe trip to heaven. May you rest in peace…