Nov 11, 2010

New Work and Goals

As I have posted on my last blog, I got a new job. It's a job that is way too different on what I do before from my previous work. Before, I was all documenting and assigning tasks to people but now, I do programming. Yes, finally, after more than a year of programming hiatus, I can now program again. Honestly, I really missed programming. Never thought I would miss it very much. For now, I'm on training and I realized that there are a lot of things I need to catch up since I know my programming skill is not that good. I know day by day, I'll learn more programming techniques.

If you ask me, why do I like to program...well my answer to that would be like the answer of Kazan from : "I think the reason I love to program is simply because I like to get better at it. I like the feeling you get when you accomplish something new and difficult. I always try to find something just out of my skill range and then learn how to do it. This is what I love about programming, you can never run out of goals that you can set for yourself. "

For now, I have a lot of plans in my mind and one thing I have set as a goal is to get better in programming. The rest of the good compensation and all, especially with my hobbies and interests, I see them as my bonus and motivation respectively... :)

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