Nov 23, 2010

My Super Junior Vocal Ranking

Ok so I have decided to post about Super Junior vocal skills. After hearing almost all of Super Junior songs and playing them almost everyday since I became an ELF, I can now at least recognize each member's vocals. The voices that are mostly recognizable are those from the sub-unit Super Junior - KRY which comprises Kyuhyun, Ryeowook, and Yesung. They are said to be the best vocals of Super Junior. I also believe it's true based on what I've heard so far.

I'm gonna give at least my top three Super Junior members which I personally think have the best vocals. Take note, this is just what I think and this is purely my opinion.

1.) Kyuhyun - obviously he's my bias because of his awesome voice. I mean, he's voice is so good in the ears, I could listen to him 24/7. And also, I was really amazed at how high he can reach on his falsettos especially on their Sorry, Sorry - Answer song.

2.) Yesung - yes, Yesung has this very unique deep voice that can reach high notes too. I love it when he does his high notes on the It's You song and also the very high note on their hit song Sorry, Sorry. I totally admired him when they sing live and hitting those high notes so well.

3.) Kangin - you might wonder why my third is Kangin. Well, I really love Kangin's voice 'cause I think it's so natural to hear. Even though he doesn't do high notes, I was still mesmerized with his voice. You might wanna listen to his only song on their Bonamana album entitled "A Short Journey" which showcases how beautiful his voice really is.

For other members, they too have unique voices but I personally love the voices on my top three. I also love Donghae and Sungmin's voices which may fall on my 4th or 5th ranks.

So there you go, my personal Super Junior vocal ranking, as of November 2010. How about yours, who's on your top Super Junior vocal ranking? 

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