Nov 23, 2010

My Super Junior Vocal Ranking

Ok so I have decided to post about Super Junior vocal skills. After hearing almost all of Super Junior songs and playing them almost everyday since I became an ELF, I can now at least recognize each member's vocals. The voices that are mostly recognizable are those from the sub-unit Super Junior - KRY which comprises Kyuhyun, Ryeowook, and Yesung. They are said to be the best vocals of Super Junior. I also believe it's true based on what I've heard so far.

I'm gonna give at least my top three Super Junior members which I personally think have the best vocals. Take note, this is just what I think and this is purely my opinion.

1.) Kyuhyun - obviously he's my bias because of his awesome voice. I mean, he's voice is so good in the ears, I could listen to him 24/7. And also, I was really amazed at how high he can reach on his falsettos especially on their Sorry, Sorry - Answer song.

2.) Yesung - yes, Yesung has this very unique deep voice that can reach high notes too. I love it when he does his high notes on the It's You song and also the very high note on their hit song Sorry, Sorry. I totally admired him when they sing live and hitting those high notes so well.

3.) Kangin - you might wonder why my third is Kangin. Well, I really love Kangin's voice 'cause I think it's so natural to hear. Even though he doesn't do high notes, I was still mesmerized with his voice. You might wanna listen to his only song on their Bonamana album entitled "A Short Journey" which showcases how beautiful his voice really is.

For other members, they too have unique voices but I personally love the voices on my top three. I also love Donghae and Sungmin's voices which may fall on my 4th or 5th ranks.

So there you go, my personal Super Junior vocal ranking, as of November 2010. How about yours, who's on your top Super Junior vocal ranking? 

Nov 16, 2010

Even Death Can't Take Us Apart: A Farewell Message to My Beloved Lolo and Lola

Last Saturday, I received a sad grandfather, or commonly known as Lolo here in our country, just died. I forgot his exact age but I know he's over 90 years old. I was at work at that time when my sister texted me the sad news. Then I told my friend about it and without asking me further questions, she had the instinct to tell me that if a very old person dies, his/her spouse will immediately follow. When I thought about it, my grandmother, which we refer as Lola, is also sick. I told my friend that there's a big possibility that it may happen since my Lola is sick too.

And then Monday came and we received the other sad Lola who is over 90 years old too (she's a few years older than my Lolo) just died too. It's a very sad time for our family right now. And then I realized that what my friend predicted came true. I posted a short message on my Facebook regarding the death of my grandparents and my friends sent their condolences.

There were a couple of condolences I really liked. The friend I was talking about sent here condolences and added "it's like even death can't take us apart." This was like the most appropriate phrase to describe the love between my Lolo and Lola. I knew when I was a kid, they were very much in love with each other.The second condolence message from another friend I liked was "they can be young again in heaven.. and fall in love all over again". Exactly what I wish for them! I would be very happy for them!

To my beloved grandparents, although we were not that close, but still because of the both of you, I'm alive here on earth. Thank you for the love. May you rest in peace and be happy in heaven with God.

To all my friends who sent their condolences, thank you. I don't think saying thank you as a response for a condolence message is inappropriate. It depends on how you interpret it. As for me, I say thank you since I believe that those condolences were meant to support and sympathize with you so I say thank you.

And God, please take good care of my grandparents. Tell them that we'll miss them and that we love them very much. Until we see each other again...goodbye my beloved Lolo and Lola.

Nov 11, 2010

New Work and Goals

As I have posted on my last blog, I got a new job. It's a job that is way too different on what I do before from my previous work. Before, I was all documenting and assigning tasks to people but now, I do programming. Yes, finally, after more than a year of programming hiatus, I can now program again. Honestly, I really missed programming. Never thought I would miss it very much. For now, I'm on training and I realized that there are a lot of things I need to catch up since I know my programming skill is not that good. I know day by day, I'll learn more programming techniques.

If you ask me, why do I like to program...well my answer to that would be like the answer of Kazan from : "I think the reason I love to program is simply because I like to get better at it. I like the feeling you get when you accomplish something new and difficult. I always try to find something just out of my skill range and then learn how to do it. This is what I love about programming, you can never run out of goals that you can set for yourself. "

For now, I have a lot of plans in my mind and one thing I have set as a goal is to get better in programming. The rest of the good compensation and all, especially with my hobbies and interests, I see them as my bonus and motivation respectively... :)