Oct 4, 2010

Career Change

On the last day of September 2010, I have decided to change my career. On that day, I was offered to become a PHP Programmer by a data collecting company. And on that same day, I sent my resignation letter notifying my boss that I'm leaving my position as a Junior Project Manager/Business Analyst.

There are a lot of reasons why I did this decision. The main reason I think would be I want to have a stable job; a job that will offer me security and good pay. I also want a company that gives good benefits especially medical insurance 'cause I realized that health is your main investment. When I got hospitalized, I had to pay for everything. Another reason is, I miss programming. I want to program again and strengthen my programming skills.

I am very sorry to my boss who I think is very upset of my decision. I understand that he gave his trust to me but I know he will eventually accept and recover. To everything I have learned, thank you very much my boss. To my co-workers, I will never forget you all. I will definitely miss you all.

Hopefully, I did the right decision and I will be happy with my new job. Thank you to the people who helped me get this new job. And lastly, thank you God for everything...and please continue to guide and bless me...