Sep 10, 2010

Loving the Sweet Potato Couple! ♥

Recently,  I got curious to one of MBC's reality show "We Got Married". It's a Korean TV reality show wherein celebrities are coupled to act as husband and wife. I noticed this show when AllKpop featured the Adam couple Ga-in and JoKwon on some of their articles. I really got interested on the show and now I'm currently admiring the YongHwa-SeoHyun couple or better known as the Sweet Potato couple.

C.N. Blue's YongHwa and SNSD's SeoHyun casted as couple for "We Got Married"

Just a little information about the couple: YongHwa (age 22) is C.N. Blue's leader and main vocalist while SeoHyun (age 20) is the maknae (youngest) of the popular girl group SNSD aka Girl's Generation. They were both casted in "We Got Married" since both of them didn't have anyone in particular to be their partner for the show. The show's management simply has random basis on how to pick a couple.

I just love how each of them admires each other and how their relationship grew to be more special. I honestly like YongHwa's personality. I mean, I can see that he's the type of guy that is gentleman, understanding, and responsible. SeoHyun is really perfect for him because SeoHyun is the type of girl that is cautious, charming, and optimistic. And she's a bookworm and even made YongHwa read some books. I really appreciate YongHwa's efforts in reading those books...he's the kind of man that never breaks a promise. They really look good when they're together...such a sweet (potato) couple!

I'm gonna continue watching their show and hopefully, something wonderful will blossom with their special relationship. Can't help it...I'm so loving them! ^o^

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