Aug 28, 2010

My Senjougahara Cosplay

Ok so finally, I have cosplayed one of my favorite anime heroine, Senjougahara Hitagi from the anime Bakemonogatari. I cosplayed her in Tournament of Champions (Cebu Leg) held in SM City Cebu last Sunday, Aug. 22, 2010.

Here are some of my photos:

 Me and my sister cosplaying as Sakaki from Azumanga Daioh. ^.^

Me together with my Elementary bestfriend, Jennifer (the girl on the right).

Me together with my college friends. ^o^

I know my cosplay is not that perfect but at least I can say it's not a fail. Thanks to my sister and to my friends who came there to watch the event with me. 'Till the next cosplay event guys! ^.^

Aug 9, 2010

Super Junior Fandomness

Ok I have another fetish to confess; I am now in love with Super Junior! Yes, the 13-member Korean boy band Super Junior!!! Yeah, I'm a late fan but I don't care...I just love them. After I watched their Bonamana music video, I just can't stop myself from watching the video over and over again. That's how Super Junior touched my subconscious; they dominated my heart and brain with their songs like Bonamana, Sorry Sorry, Sorry Sorry-Answer, No Other, and It's You. After I realized that I like them, I watch Super Junior videos everyday, their reality shows like Super Junior Full House, Exploration of the Human Body, their live performances, guestings, and their wonderful journey as a group.

At first, I can't tell who is who but then after watching a lot of their videos and reading some of their information, I can now managed to identify each one of them.

Here's a pic with their names:

I first heard of Super Junior way back last year when their hit song "Sorry, Sorry" became very popular here in the Philippines. Yes, the song was very catchy but I wasn't that much interested on them before. I don't know what happen but suddenly I just can't stop myself from watching or listening to Super Junior. I knew they had this Super Show concert last April but I wasn't a fan of them at that time and it made me regret for not noticing them earlier.

And then I learned about the three members of the group being not active as of now. They are Kangin, Hangkyung, and Kibum. How I wish they would be back together, all 13 and come back here in the Philippines and then I will surely save up some money to see them live. I heard there will be a Super Show 3 on February next year. It would really motivate me to save money if all of them will be back together.

As of now, these are the active members:
(Top: L-R) Sungmin, Donghae, Leeteuk, Ryeowook
(Bottom: L-R) Siwon, Yesung, Eunhyuk, Heechul, Shindong, Kyuhyun
 As they say, among them, you should have a favorite. Well, my favorite Super Junior member is none other than the youngest member, Kyuhyun. I like him the most because he really has a good voice and he looks really cute. I learned about the accident that nearly killed him and how his father fought for his dream to sing eventhough ironically, his father was against it. His story really inspired me to do things that you really want that no matter how down or low or far you are from your dream, you can still reach for it if you will it.

I hope that Super Junior will continue to fight and spread their love for music to their fans. And I also hope I can see them live soon... Super Junior fighting! ^.^