Jun 11, 2010

Our New Dog: Chibi

After about five months of being "dogless" (if you remembered, our previous dog died last January and I was very sad about it), we decided to adopt a new dog. Our new dog is a pure Japanese Spitz and I named him "Chibi", a Japanese term for small or little in a cute way which I think he is. Now here are some pics of him:

Isn't he adorable? ^.^

Jun 5, 2010

My Thoughts on American Idol

I'm a huge fan of singing competitions, especially Americal Idol. It amazes me to see great talents from the show. For the past week, I was really into watching a lot of American Idol performances videos, given that the season 9 has just ended.

Here are some of my opinions/thoughts about the show:
1.) I think the most undeserving American Idol winner was  Kris Allen and that it should have been Adam Lambert or Danny Gokey. I'm a big fan of Danny Gokey since his audition and I knew he would make it to the top.
2.) My favorite American Idol winner is David Cook.
3.) Season 7 was the season with incredible talents.
4.) I want the mentor's songs theme back.
5.) I want the original winning song back. It could be written by anyone or they could bring back the song composition contest.

These are what goes in my mind about American Idol. I just hope this show will still go on and shine even without Simon. Well, best of luck to American Idol. ;-)