May 5, 2010

The Girl with Infinite Karma

Today, I just reached the highest karma score in Plurk which is 100.00. I was happy about it though it's not really a big thing for me. After all, I've used Plurk for more than a year now. For the information of everybody, Plurk is a social-networking site much like Twitter but with a more organized timeline and response management. It also features karma which increases if you use Plurk regularly and decreases if you are inactive.  After my celebration of reaching the highest karma points, I came across an article about a female plurker that gained an infinite karma. I thought, how the hell did she achieved such karma? I mean, I thought the highest was 100. Then I read the rest of the article and found out the details behind it.

There was a girl named Hazel. She had been using Plurk and Highfiber and she made a lot of friends by using these web applications. She was described as fashionista, a girlfriend extraordinaire, and a person that made people smile. Known as harley_quinn on Plurk, she posted a message on Oct. 12, which, it turned out, would be her last: “[harley_quinn] is the HAPPIEST WOMAN on earth today!”. She was very happy because she just got engaged with her boyfriend. Then a very sad news spread to her online friends. Hazel died after her engagement party because of a car accident. Her friends were very upset about the news. Then one concerned friend of her requested Plurk to freeze her karma because it was slowly decreasing due to the fact that Hazel cannot use her Plurk anymore and this friend of her wants to be reminded of how Hazel was with her plurks. So the Plurk management responded to the request, sent their condolences and granted Hazel's account an infinity karma. You can check out her plurk and see for yourself the infinity symbol on her karma.

I was really touched by the story. Though it's sad, I think before Hazel died, she attained the happiest thing she wanted to have, that is, to be engaged with her boyfriend. Because of her story, I realized that to experience the happiest moment of your life is the most important thing a person should achieve before he/she dies so I'm happy for her at the same time. I read her last reply on her status and it was something like she felt drunk already and it was really creepy to read that line. But then again, I know she is very happy now and may she rest in peace. Thank you Hazel for your story that inspired a lot of people including me. God will always be with you now.

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