Dec 22, 2010

Current Job Blues

I’m having issues again with my current job. I don’t know why people are trying to underestimate my current job and being sorry for my previous position. Indeed, I had a very good position from my previous company but what’s in a good position if your pay is too low? Maybe I was the only Project Manager that receives less than 6k every pay day. Surprising huh? And the company’s under an identity crisis, I tell you.
Yesterday, on my way to work, I came across my cousin. She was surprised to see me since it was already night and she asked if I was also on a night shift sked and I said yes. This cousin of mine is working on the same call center as my brother so obviously, she’ll be on a night shift sked. She just knew there in there that I transferred to another company. She was like bashing my current company, saying agents there are being retrenched well hello, I’m not an agent, I’m a programmer. So there, I tried explaining my side but I can tell that she wasn’t happy. I mean, if someone decides for his/her career, somehow respect and understand. Do not show you’re unhappy or underestimating that person as if you know what’s best.
And I’ll say this again, I want to program because I want to be good at it. I don’t want to have a higher position than that for now. At least, if I get a higher position, I can manage well the people under me since I already experienced the work they have.
For now, I’m happy with my job. Things are properly done through specific processes. And it’s a big bonus to receive almost double of what I receive before every pay day, don’t you think? :)

Dec 16, 2010

Farewell Tiny

I never thought that my first December post would be about the passing away of a dear high school friend of mine. For privacy, I'm just going to call him by his nickname, Tiny. He died last Sunday night because of cardiac arrest. They believed he had a sort of nightmare and was unable to wake up anymore.

I received the shocking news last Sunday night when my other high school friend, now a nurse, sent a message, confirming everything since she was there in the hospital when Tiny was attempted to be revived. My nurse friend was feeling really sorry that she couldn’t help and she can’t understand how she’s feeling when she saw everything.

Now, I’m currently at work writing this draft since I can’t concentrate with work and I feel like I want to express how I feel about the sad news.  I felt bad for not attending the first night of his wake but I’ll definitely visit this week. I’m going to share some good memories I had with Tiny.

Tiny was my classmate for three years in high school. We had some few things in common and the most notable one would be we have the same birthday, that is, December 31. He was the first person I knew to have the same birthday as me. Another thing in common would be how similar his surname to my first name that when I was on my first year, my Mom thought she was called by our teacher but it was Tiny’s Mom who was called. My Mom will always remember that mistake of hers. I also remembered that he also enjoys anime music which I also like. He will also let me listen to his Winter Sonata midi ringtone since I like it too. I will always remember that he was the first boy who gave me a Christmas gift. I really wondered why he gave me one but then I soon found out (I’m not really sure though, just realized back then since some of my classmates were teasing...) that he had an interest in me. He never confirmed though but I really didn’t care since I see everyone as my friends. When we were in college until we’re working now, Tiny was always present with our reunion gatherings. Just last October, he was with us enjoying a pool party. I even took a lot of pictures and looking back on those photos makes me sad since I never knew that those photos will be my last memory of him. I even promised him some time this year that I will sing some anime songs for his band on the next Otaku Fest. He would try and ask me to start memorizing the lyrics. How I wish I could sing one for him for the last time.

To the family of Tiny especially to his Mom (by the way, Tiny’s an only child so maybe his Mom is having a hard time accepting the reality), I extend my deepest condolences. For the wonderful friendship and memories, thank you very much Tiny. We will definitely miss you. Your age may stop for now but our birthdate will remain the same. Have a safe trip to heaven. May you rest in peace…

Nov 23, 2010

My Super Junior Vocal Ranking

Ok so I have decided to post about Super Junior vocal skills. After hearing almost all of Super Junior songs and playing them almost everyday since I became an ELF, I can now at least recognize each member's vocals. The voices that are mostly recognizable are those from the sub-unit Super Junior - KRY which comprises Kyuhyun, Ryeowook, and Yesung. They are said to be the best vocals of Super Junior. I also believe it's true based on what I've heard so far.

I'm gonna give at least my top three Super Junior members which I personally think have the best vocals. Take note, this is just what I think and this is purely my opinion.

1.) Kyuhyun - obviously he's my bias because of his awesome voice. I mean, he's voice is so good in the ears, I could listen to him 24/7. And also, I was really amazed at how high he can reach on his falsettos especially on their Sorry, Sorry - Answer song.

2.) Yesung - yes, Yesung has this very unique deep voice that can reach high notes too. I love it when he does his high notes on the It's You song and also the very high note on their hit song Sorry, Sorry. I totally admired him when they sing live and hitting those high notes so well.

3.) Kangin - you might wonder why my third is Kangin. Well, I really love Kangin's voice 'cause I think it's so natural to hear. Even though he doesn't do high notes, I was still mesmerized with his voice. You might wanna listen to his only song on their Bonamana album entitled "A Short Journey" which showcases how beautiful his voice really is.

For other members, they too have unique voices but I personally love the voices on my top three. I also love Donghae and Sungmin's voices which may fall on my 4th or 5th ranks.

So there you go, my personal Super Junior vocal ranking, as of November 2010. How about yours, who's on your top Super Junior vocal ranking? 

Nov 16, 2010

Even Death Can't Take Us Apart: A Farewell Message to My Beloved Lolo and Lola

Last Saturday, I received a sad grandfather, or commonly known as Lolo here in our country, just died. I forgot his exact age but I know he's over 90 years old. I was at work at that time when my sister texted me the sad news. Then I told my friend about it and without asking me further questions, she had the instinct to tell me that if a very old person dies, his/her spouse will immediately follow. When I thought about it, my grandmother, which we refer as Lola, is also sick. I told my friend that there's a big possibility that it may happen since my Lola is sick too.

And then Monday came and we received the other sad Lola who is over 90 years old too (she's a few years older than my Lolo) just died too. It's a very sad time for our family right now. And then I realized that what my friend predicted came true. I posted a short message on my Facebook regarding the death of my grandparents and my friends sent their condolences.

There were a couple of condolences I really liked. The friend I was talking about sent here condolences and added "it's like even death can't take us apart." This was like the most appropriate phrase to describe the love between my Lolo and Lola. I knew when I was a kid, they were very much in love with each other.The second condolence message from another friend I liked was "they can be young again in heaven.. and fall in love all over again". Exactly what I wish for them! I would be very happy for them!

To my beloved grandparents, although we were not that close, but still because of the both of you, I'm alive here on earth. Thank you for the love. May you rest in peace and be happy in heaven with God.

To all my friends who sent their condolences, thank you. I don't think saying thank you as a response for a condolence message is inappropriate. It depends on how you interpret it. As for me, I say thank you since I believe that those condolences were meant to support and sympathize with you so I say thank you.

And God, please take good care of my grandparents. Tell them that we'll miss them and that we love them very much. Until we see each other again...goodbye my beloved Lolo and Lola.

Nov 11, 2010

New Work and Goals

As I have posted on my last blog, I got a new job. It's a job that is way too different on what I do before from my previous work. Before, I was all documenting and assigning tasks to people but now, I do programming. Yes, finally, after more than a year of programming hiatus, I can now program again. Honestly, I really missed programming. Never thought I would miss it very much. For now, I'm on training and I realized that there are a lot of things I need to catch up since I know my programming skill is not that good. I know day by day, I'll learn more programming techniques.

If you ask me, why do I like to program...well my answer to that would be like the answer of Kazan from : "I think the reason I love to program is simply because I like to get better at it. I like the feeling you get when you accomplish something new and difficult. I always try to find something just out of my skill range and then learn how to do it. This is what I love about programming, you can never run out of goals that you can set for yourself. "

For now, I have a lot of plans in my mind and one thing I have set as a goal is to get better in programming. The rest of the good compensation and all, especially with my hobbies and interests, I see them as my bonus and motivation respectively... :)

Oct 4, 2010

Career Change

On the last day of September 2010, I have decided to change my career. On that day, I was offered to become a PHP Programmer by a data collecting company. And on that same day, I sent my resignation letter notifying my boss that I'm leaving my position as a Junior Project Manager/Business Analyst.

There are a lot of reasons why I did this decision. The main reason I think would be I want to have a stable job; a job that will offer me security and good pay. I also want a company that gives good benefits especially medical insurance 'cause I realized that health is your main investment. When I got hospitalized, I had to pay for everything. Another reason is, I miss programming. I want to program again and strengthen my programming skills.

I am very sorry to my boss who I think is very upset of my decision. I understand that he gave his trust to me but I know he will eventually accept and recover. To everything I have learned, thank you very much my boss. To my co-workers, I will never forget you all. I will definitely miss you all.

Hopefully, I did the right decision and I will be happy with my new job. Thank you to the people who helped me get this new job. And lastly, thank you God for everything...and please continue to guide and bless me...

Sep 10, 2010

Loving the Sweet Potato Couple! ♥

Recently,  I got curious to one of MBC's reality show "We Got Married". It's a Korean TV reality show wherein celebrities are coupled to act as husband and wife. I noticed this show when AllKpop featured the Adam couple Ga-in and JoKwon on some of their articles. I really got interested on the show and now I'm currently admiring the YongHwa-SeoHyun couple or better known as the Sweet Potato couple.

C.N. Blue's YongHwa and SNSD's SeoHyun casted as couple for "We Got Married"

Just a little information about the couple: YongHwa (age 22) is C.N. Blue's leader and main vocalist while SeoHyun (age 20) is the maknae (youngest) of the popular girl group SNSD aka Girl's Generation. They were both casted in "We Got Married" since both of them didn't have anyone in particular to be their partner for the show. The show's management simply has random basis on how to pick a couple.

I just love how each of them admires each other and how their relationship grew to be more special. I honestly like YongHwa's personality. I mean, I can see that he's the type of guy that is gentleman, understanding, and responsible. SeoHyun is really perfect for him because SeoHyun is the type of girl that is cautious, charming, and optimistic. And she's a bookworm and even made YongHwa read some books. I really appreciate YongHwa's efforts in reading those books...he's the kind of man that never breaks a promise. They really look good when they're together...such a sweet (potato) couple!

I'm gonna continue watching their show and hopefully, something wonderful will blossom with their special relationship. Can't help it...I'm so loving them! ^o^

Aug 28, 2010

My Senjougahara Cosplay

Ok so finally, I have cosplayed one of my favorite anime heroine, Senjougahara Hitagi from the anime Bakemonogatari. I cosplayed her in Tournament of Champions (Cebu Leg) held in SM City Cebu last Sunday, Aug. 22, 2010.

Here are some of my photos:

 Me and my sister cosplaying as Sakaki from Azumanga Daioh. ^.^

Me together with my Elementary bestfriend, Jennifer (the girl on the right).

Me together with my college friends. ^o^

I know my cosplay is not that perfect but at least I can say it's not a fail. Thanks to my sister and to my friends who came there to watch the event with me. 'Till the next cosplay event guys! ^.^

Aug 9, 2010

Super Junior Fandomness

Ok I have another fetish to confess; I am now in love with Super Junior! Yes, the 13-member Korean boy band Super Junior!!! Yeah, I'm a late fan but I don't care...I just love them. After I watched their Bonamana music video, I just can't stop myself from watching the video over and over again. That's how Super Junior touched my subconscious; they dominated my heart and brain with their songs like Bonamana, Sorry Sorry, Sorry Sorry-Answer, No Other, and It's You. After I realized that I like them, I watch Super Junior videos everyday, their reality shows like Super Junior Full House, Exploration of the Human Body, their live performances, guestings, and their wonderful journey as a group.

At first, I can't tell who is who but then after watching a lot of their videos and reading some of their information, I can now managed to identify each one of them.

Here's a pic with their names:

I first heard of Super Junior way back last year when their hit song "Sorry, Sorry" became very popular here in the Philippines. Yes, the song was very catchy but I wasn't that much interested on them before. I don't know what happen but suddenly I just can't stop myself from watching or listening to Super Junior. I knew they had this Super Show concert last April but I wasn't a fan of them at that time and it made me regret for not noticing them earlier.

And then I learned about the three members of the group being not active as of now. They are Kangin, Hangkyung, and Kibum. How I wish they would be back together, all 13 and come back here in the Philippines and then I will surely save up some money to see them live. I heard there will be a Super Show 3 on February next year. It would really motivate me to save money if all of them will be back together.

As of now, these are the active members:
(Top: L-R) Sungmin, Donghae, Leeteuk, Ryeowook
(Bottom: L-R) Siwon, Yesung, Eunhyuk, Heechul, Shindong, Kyuhyun
 As they say, among them, you should have a favorite. Well, my favorite Super Junior member is none other than the youngest member, Kyuhyun. I like him the most because he really has a good voice and he looks really cute. I learned about the accident that nearly killed him and how his father fought for his dream to sing eventhough ironically, his father was against it. His story really inspired me to do things that you really want that no matter how down or low or far you are from your dream, you can still reach for it if you will it.

I hope that Super Junior will continue to fight and spread their love for music to their fans. And I also hope I can see them live soon... Super Junior fighting! ^.^

Jul 24, 2010

Bakemonogatari Fascination

I admit. I am now a huge fan of Bakemonogatari. I just love everything of it. The story, the characters, and especially, their very witty quotes. I really admire the Tsundere protagonist of the anime which is none other than the crab girl Senjougahara-sama. I also like the development of the relationship between Senjougahara and Araragi. I can see how suited they really are for each other. By the way, Araragi is the main protagonist of the anime. He is partly vampire and he always gets involved with oddities.  The other cast of characters are also very interesting: the neko girl Hanekawa, who turned out to be in love with Araragi, the kawaii snail ghost girl Hachikuji, the monkey-armed speed runner girl Kanbaru who is also a kouhai of Senjougahara, the very shy snake-skinned girl Sengoku, the mysterious vampire girl Shinobu, and the oddity consultant Oshino who they all seek for help on their oddities. I know it's somehow a little confusing so I recommend you to watch the anime.

Here are some of the things I did in the name of my Bakemonogatari/Senjougahara fascination:

    A Senjougahara X Araragi Firefox Persona

    A Senjougahara-theme for my mobile phone

    A Senjougahara iGoogle custom theme

    An all-cast Bakemonogatari Firefox Persona

Other things I did were posting some images and quotes from Bakemonogatari on my social networking sites. My ringtone is Kimi no Shiranai which is the ending song of the anime. I'm also planning to cosplay Senjougahara on the next cosplay event in our place.

I know my Bakemonogatari/Senjougahara fascination is getting crazier. I would still love to do more. :D

Jun 11, 2010

Our New Dog: Chibi

After about five months of being "dogless" (if you remembered, our previous dog died last January and I was very sad about it), we decided to adopt a new dog. Our new dog is a pure Japanese Spitz and I named him "Chibi", a Japanese term for small or little in a cute way which I think he is. Now here are some pics of him:

Isn't he adorable? ^.^

Jun 5, 2010

My Thoughts on American Idol

I'm a huge fan of singing competitions, especially Americal Idol. It amazes me to see great talents from the show. For the past week, I was really into watching a lot of American Idol performances videos, given that the season 9 has just ended.

Here are some of my opinions/thoughts about the show:
1.) I think the most undeserving American Idol winner was  Kris Allen and that it should have been Adam Lambert or Danny Gokey. I'm a big fan of Danny Gokey since his audition and I knew he would make it to the top.
2.) My favorite American Idol winner is David Cook.
3.) Season 7 was the season with incredible talents.
4.) I want the mentor's songs theme back.
5.) I want the original winning song back. It could be written by anyone or they could bring back the song composition contest.

These are what goes in my mind about American Idol. I just hope this show will still go on and shine even without Simon. Well, best of luck to American Idol. ;-)

May 7, 2010

The Sun with the Rainbow Rings

The SUN in our place today has rainbow rings. I think it’s really scary but it’s still awesome. X3

May 5, 2010

The Girl with Infinite Karma

Today, I just reached the highest karma score in Plurk which is 100.00. I was happy about it though it's not really a big thing for me. After all, I've used Plurk for more than a year now. For the information of everybody, Plurk is a social-networking site much like Twitter but with a more organized timeline and response management. It also features karma which increases if you use Plurk regularly and decreases if you are inactive.  After my celebration of reaching the highest karma points, I came across an article about a female plurker that gained an infinite karma. I thought, how the hell did she achieved such karma? I mean, I thought the highest was 100. Then I read the rest of the article and found out the details behind it.

There was a girl named Hazel. She had been using Plurk and Highfiber and she made a lot of friends by using these web applications. She was described as fashionista, a girlfriend extraordinaire, and a person that made people smile. Known as harley_quinn on Plurk, she posted a message on Oct. 12, which, it turned out, would be her last: “[harley_quinn] is the HAPPIEST WOMAN on earth today!”. She was very happy because she just got engaged with her boyfriend. Then a very sad news spread to her online friends. Hazel died after her engagement party because of a car accident. Her friends were very upset about the news. Then one concerned friend of her requested Plurk to freeze her karma because it was slowly decreasing due to the fact that Hazel cannot use her Plurk anymore and this friend of her wants to be reminded of how Hazel was with her plurks. So the Plurk management responded to the request, sent their condolences and granted Hazel's account an infinity karma. You can check out her plurk and see for yourself the infinity symbol on her karma.

I was really touched by the story. Though it's sad, I think before Hazel died, she attained the happiest thing she wanted to have, that is, to be engaged with her boyfriend. Because of her story, I realized that to experience the happiest moment of your life is the most important thing a person should achieve before he/she dies so I'm happy for her at the same time. I read her last reply on her status and it was something like she felt drunk already and it was really creepy to read that line. But then again, I know she is very happy now and may she rest in peace. Thank you Hazel for your story that inspired a lot of people including me. God will always be with you now.

May 4, 2010

Anime/Japanese Titles with Filipino OSTs, Can You Remember?

I found a very interesting post about the anime/japanese shows in the 90’s where the songs were translated to Filipino language. I bet all the 90’s Filipino children can relate to these songs.
Can you help me guess all of them?
1. Maglalakbay ako patungo sa kawalan
Upang hamunin ‘tong pangarap sa buhay
At susuungin ko itong kadiliman
Makita ko lang ang liwanag ng katarungan…
Chenchedenchenden cheden (then the logo shows up)

Or this?

2. Habang nabubuhay, manalig ka
Lagi kang may kasama, may kaibigan ka
At kung ikaw ay nalulungkot
Kung ikaw ay natatakot
Wala kang gagawin kundi ako’y tawagin…

Ako si ____
Sa bawat oras nariyan,
Tutulong sa nangangailangan
Ako’y maaasahan sa lahat ng bagay….

Hmmm, this one:

3. Kami’y narito asahan niyong magtatanggol
Makikipaglaban para sa kapayapaan
(chenchererererenchen cherereren chererererereeurrnn–)
Ang lahat ng nilalang dito ay may karapatan
(Sa magandang bukas)
Kung mayroong gumugulo ay wag mag-alala
Kami ang dakilang tagapagtanggol niyo sa lahat ng oras
Handa kaming tumulong
Ang aming mga kapangyarihan alay sa karapatan…

Kami’y narito asahan niyong magtatanggol
Makikipaglaban para sa kapayapaan at kaayusan
Kami’y asahan niyo hanggang sa dulo ng mundo.

How about this one:

4. Waksin niyo na ang iyong luha
Pilitin tawanan ang problema
Habang bata ay magsaya
Makulay ang mundo basta’t mangarap ka
Sa bawat pagsubok na makikita
Huwag mong hayaang madapa ka
Tibayan mo ang loob
Pagkatapos ng unos, ligaya ang dulot
Sadyang ganyan ang buhay, kailangang magsanay
Mapaglarong tadhana susubukin ang tibay
Kaya’t kumilos ka’t mag-isip, mag-aral
Magandang bukas, sa yo ay nakalaan…

Perhaps this one:

5. Sino nga ba siyang nakasuot pula
Hila ng mga usa
Puti ang balbas niya, siya’y mataba
Lahat ng bata’y naghihintay sa kanya
Namimigay siya ng mga regalo
Tuwing sasapit ang araw ng pasko
Mula sa araw na ito, maghihintay kami sa ‘yo
Saan ka ba nagmumula?
Sana doon kami kasama mo
Nais naming makita kung pa’no ginagawa
Mga regalong pinamimigay mo
Nais namin…
Laruan! Libro! Damit na pamasko!

This one please:

6. Ngunit hanggang kailan, hanggang kailan
Ito mananatiling panaginip
Sabik na ko, sabik na ko sa iyong
Yakap at halik…

And this one

7. Humayo ka kaibigang _____
Maglakbay kung saan mo man naisin
Anong (censored from the OBB)

Sige ___, Humayo ka
Humayo ka’t maglakbay pawad
‘Wag kalilimutan kami…

Or this very special ‘tribute for moms’:

8. Aking ina, mahal kong ina
Pagmamahal mo aking ina
Yakap mo sa akin, hinahanap ko
Init ng pag-ibig, kumot ng bunso
Sa kita ng pagkakahimbing
Yakap mo ang gigising.

Try this:

9. ____, ____,
Anakpawis ka sa kabundukan
____, ____,
Tahanan mo ang kalikasan
Luntiang parang, nasisikatan ng gintong araw
____, ____, tahanan mo ang kabundukan

____, ____, (Endless ___ with yoodle tune)

Another one:

10. Nakita ko ang larawan mo
At muling nagbalik sa akin ang lahat
Ang malambing na tingin at ako
Ang nagbibigay ng musika sa mundo
Sinabi mo ako ang himig ng iyong byulin
Mga __ at rosas na ginto
At ikaw ang yugto ng aking daigdig
Kinulayan mo aking mundo, parang bahaghari
Rosas na marikit, bigay sa iyo mahal
Lalalala…. (unintelligible lyrics…)

Next: (When I found this one, it’s not complete. So I have to make my brain work just to remember the lyrics! ugh!)

11. Kapag uminog na ang mundo
Iikot din ang buhay ng tao
May saya at mayroong dusa
Huwag lang tayong magpapatalo

Kung ikaw ay nag-iisa
Sa landas na iyong tinatahak
Huwag mawawalan ng pag-asa
Sa mithiing pakikibaka

Si __________ at __________, kambal ng tadhana
Di susuko sa pagsubok…

Kapag sumikat na ang buwan
Bago pa sumikat ang araw
Bagong pag-asa’y matatanaw
Tadhana na ang siyang pupukaw

Bagong pag-asa’y matatanaw
Tadhana na ang siyang pupukaw…

Songs above are from ABS-CBN’s anime siesta time cartoons!

Below are from different local channels I guess but I think there are two from ABS-CBN!

12. Humanda na kayo
Kampon ng kadiliman
Oras na ng pagtutuos
Kasamaan n’yo na’y matatapos
Narito na sila
Bayaning tagapagtanggol
Sa masama’y lilipol
________, kayo lang ang pag-asa
Iligtas kami sa rahas ng kadiliman
Kami’y inyong ipaglaban…

Sugod, sugod, laban ___________
Ipagsanggalang ninyo ang katarungan
Sugod, sugod, laban ___________
Ipagtanggol ninyo ang kapayapaan
Buong mundo’y nagpupuri’t nagpupugay, mabuhay!
Laser Squadron ___________

13. Ito ang mga bayaning tagapagtanggol
Walang takot
Sa bangis ng kalaba’y di umuurong
Matatag, tagapagtanggol ng inaapi
Mga huwaran, Sa tungkuli’y tapat
Nakahandang mag-alay ng buhay
___________, tanod ng kapayapaan
___________, laging maasahan
Dapat nating tularan ang kagitingan
Laser Squadron ___________

14. Tibay ng loob, tiwala sa sarili
Mga katangiang taglay
Para sa payapang sandaigdigan
Ang busilak na kalooban
Lahat ng bagay makakamtan
Pagkat ito’y para sa kabutihan
Busilak na kalooban
Lahat ng bagay makakamtan
Pagka’t ito’y para sa kabutihan

15. Buksan mo ang puso
Awitin ang siphayo
Halina’t magsaya
Iwasan ang lungkot pag nababagot

Alam kong may nalalaman ka
Sa lihim ng ating panahon
Takbo, takbo magtago ka
Pagka’t matataya ka na

Natalo mo ako sa ating laro
Pagliko ko sa may puno
Nabihag mo ang aking puso
Bakit ngayon may siphayo
Bakit ako nagdurusa aking giliw
Wag mo akong saktan
Bakit ako nagdurusa aking giliw
Wag mo akong saktan

16. Ikaw ang lagi kong Hinahanap
Kasama kang lagi sa pangarap
Nais ko’y lagi kang nakikita
Marahil nga ay mahal kita

Liwanag ng buwan sa kalawakan
Hinahatid ka sa ‘king isipan
Pano ba kita makakausap
Ikaw sa akin ng lahat

Sana, bawat saglit laging kapiling ka
pag-ibig ko sana’y madama

Basta’t kasama kita sa pangarap
Nadarama’y wala ngang katulad
Ligayang ulot nito sa ‘king puso
Sana ay di na mag wakas
Sana ay di na mag wakas

17. Marami kang pangarap
Kasing taas ng langit
Kaya’t laking tuwa ko
nang ibulong mo na kasama ako

Hawak kamay kapit-bisig
Tayo nang habulin ang mga tala
Kasama kita kaya hindi ako mangangamba

Mapalad ang maging kaibigan mo
Nakaukit ang pagmamahal sa iyong puso
Kaya’t taimtim pangako gagawin kong lahat
para sa’yo

18. Alab ng Katarungan
ang pagmamahal sa ating kapwa
ang pag-ibig sa ating bayan
Handang ibuwis ang aking buhay

19. Bukas na kay ganda
Sa kwentong ubod ng saya
Paglalakbay namin sa mundong
aming narating

Bukas na kayganda
Mga mata’y imulat na
Upang makamtan ang ligaya

20. Bakit kay ganda kay siglang mundo
Kung ikaw ay bata pa
Magtampisaw ka sa tubig
Maglaro sa kalsada

Panoorin mo ang ikot ng mundo
Kung ikaw ay bata pa
For me, I just know 4, 6, 8, 10, 11, 12, 13, and 16.
What’s yours? :D


Mar 12, 2010

How to Check Multiple IE CSS/HTML Compatibility?

As a project manager, it is always a pain in the ass when clients complain on their website layout not working or being deformed in Internet Explorer(IE) version x.xx. The most critical part is when your client is using a very old version of IE while your IE is the most updated version.

After browsing some solutions for this problem, I found a very interesting tool that you might want to try. It is called the "IETester". The software can run multiple IE versions from version 5.5 up to 8. You can download the latest version of IETester here.

So far, it's working fine but I encounter some minor bugs. Still, it somehow helped me a lot in testing the CSS and HTML layouts of our web applications.

Feb 28, 2010

Cosplaying with my Sisters

This is the first time that my sisters and I are all cosplaying in an event. The event was called Ai-Con, held last February 21, 2010 at Parkmall, Mandaue City, Cebu.

Here is a picture of the original appearance of the characters we cosplayed:

My sister Christa as April from the anime "Coyote Ragtime Show", me as Anise Tatlin from the anime "Tales of the Abyss", and my sister Christine as Miaka Yuki from the anime "Fushigi Yuugi".

Now here are some of the cosplay photos of us taken on the event:

 Very nice April cosplay of my sister Christa. Just look at that real-looking gun. :D

As for me, I made sure I cosplayed Anise Tatlin right. For the information of everybody, I made that Tokunaga (the yellow-brown stuffed toy I'm carrying) using my bare hands.This was my cosplay where I made so much effort that I even cut my hair with bangs just to satisfy the character's hair.

Sister Christine was always a big fan of Fushigi Yugi so as for her first cosplay, she chose her favorite character which was Miaka Yuki wearing the priestess attire. Not bad at all. :)

The three sisters striked a pose together. :D

It was a very fun and exciting event. I can see that more and more Cebu otakus are taking part on cosplay conventions, that is, more and more people are cosplaying. Costumes of the cosplayers are getting nicier and more amazing and I hope my future cosplays will also be like that. 

Well, until the next anime cosplay convention! :D

Try to decode my thoughts...

Jan 31, 2010

Goodbye My Choppy...

It is a very sad day for me today because my beloved 12-year old dog just died. His name is Choppy and he is half Japanese Spitz, half "Askal". It really pains me to know that he's already gone. I'm actually crying right now, while typing this post. Anyway, I would like to share some of my memorable days with Choppy.

Choppy came to our home when I was about 10 years old. I was on my third grade at that time. He was really cute and I thought he was just going to be an ordinary white dog but my Dad said that he will be a very nice looking dog when he grows up. The name "Choppy" came from a small motor vehicle called "Choppy". My Dad was right, Choppy grew up not just cute but a very good and obedient dog.

Choppy is very camera-shy.

Choppy after his bath.

 A picture of Choppy and me.

I was really happy when I had Choppy. He was the perfect dog for me.When we arrive from school, he was always there waiting near the road to welcome us home. He never bites, and he only barks to strangers. He goes out of the house to pee and discharge waste. When he asks for food, he would just sit and make a touch on your knee by his right foot. He understands what we want him to do. He was really very good and obedient. My Dad would usually say that Choppy was more obedient than me which I think was quite right. I bring some of my leftovers from school to give to Choppy. Even until now that I'm working, I would try to bring some food for him. He likes meat like pork and chicken, bones, and something crunchy like Piatos and biscuits. He may not like much when it comes on bathing him, but he never moves when we bathe him. He also likes dog-walking. I also remember the first time he learned how to climb up the stairs, he couldn't climb down so he just stayed at the highest step, making some sounds to get some help. But eventually, he learned how to climb up and down the stairs. I treated him not just an ordinary pet but as my younger brother since I'm the youngest among my siblings.

I think the craziest and most amazing thing that Choppy did was when he made a big hole in our wooden wall of our house. This was because we left him alone for one week when we went to the province. He thought we were inside the house so he made a hole to look for us. When we arrived, he immediately came out of the hole and he was really happy to see us.

Last night, I felt the pain that Choppy was enduring. He was breathing deeply, his head aches, and he can barely stand. I was trying to comfort him by combing his hair, trying to get some of his fleas, and touching him. I carried him to let him eat just a little but he just drank some water. I knew he was really on pain already but I couldn't do anything. While looking at him, I was reminiscing the good times we had, how he became very special to me, and how he became a huge part of my life.

Today, I'm bidding farewell to the spice of my life. Thank you Choppy for all the things that you have done for me, for always been there to bring me comfort especially on my bad times, for coming to our home, for being so good to us, for being with us, I thank you from the bottom of my heart. Your 12 years of existence will be always precious to me. I'm very thankful to God for giving you to us and if it's true that dogs have souls, then I pray that you are now happy with God. I will definitely miss you Choppy! I love you....

Jan 28, 2010

Earn Cash Online by Clicking

Hello everyone! I have a new interest these past few days and it's earning through clicking online. So here are some of the PTC sites I am trying to earn money from:

Hope to earn some real cash here..and if you want to sign-up, just click on the links above. Thanks! :D

Jan 13, 2010

UP Cebu Computer Science Website

Just want to share the new University of the Philippines in the Visayas Cebu College website. Check it out! :)