Oct 13, 2009

Learn to Say Thank You

"Thank you" is a phrase we hear when someone appreciates your effort or help. Some may hear this everyday. Some may say this a hundred times a day. But some never learned how to say this simple phrase. It may seem to be not a big deal but for me, a simple thank you for a small help overwhelms me.

A situation that always comes in my mind is when you ride in a jeep. Everytime I give my fare, I often say thank you to the people that would pass my fare to the driver or "conduktor". But as I observed the others, they won't even say thank you and the worst is the one that gives the fare is younger than the one that gives the fare to the driver and it really pisses me off. I really wonder if the young people of today really knows how "thank you" would mean so much to those who hears it.

And now for a more complicated situation; a young college girl getting pregnant. I wanted to tackle this issue because I was thinking what these young girls and boys had in mind when doing such irresponsible things. These young people are just too lucky to get in college with no sweat at all and yet, they can't do things responsibly. I hate these people who don't see the efforts of their parents/guardians that earned so much just to give them good education. I think these kind of people don't know how to thank others and what it really means because if they do, they won't disappoint their parents. Appreciating your parents' efforts by doing good in your studies and graduating without serious problems is the best way you can thank them.

So learn to appreciate... Learn to say thank you.