Jul 22, 2009

My First Work

I'm happy to announce that I just got a job! Please do congratulate me... Anyways, I'd like to share to you my first job.

I'm currently working as a Junior Project Manager/Business Analyst in a small software company in our place. It's a tough job, I know but I still like it in the sense that it is much related to the degree I graduated. Our company basically develops web-based applications. What I do is that I document every software project that comes in. Actually, what happens is that a client seeks us then we give them proposals base on the features of the software they want. This is called the analysis phase. Then if they approve on our proposal, then the development begins. In my job, I belong to the analysis phase. I analyze software requirements and turn them to use cases which are functions the client wants for the software. Next, I create product backlog which includes the list of the functions, with corresponding actors, components, steps, success criteria, and initial estimate. Actors are the ones that will do the use case, components are the tracks of the use case, steps are the actions done by the actor doing the use case, and the initial estimate is the estimated time a specific use case can be done developing. As a junior project manager, I managed three software developers who develops the software after the project proposal has been approved by the client. I assigned each developer some tasks they need to do everyday. I know its a bit hard to understand what I'm saying for people not inclined with software engineering but anyways, that's how my work is.

I'm hoping to learn more of the job I have and I knew this was the job meant for me by God so I just pray that God will continue to guide me on the path that I have chosen and I thank God for giving this opportunity to learn and grow with my career.