Jun 6, 2009

How I Make Myself Busy Everyday

After I graduated from college last April 29, 2009, I wanted to have a job as soon as possible. But I'm finding it hard to be get hired. It's like applying for a job in different companies seems never-ending. Though I think I've done my best in every application I undergo. Even though I'm making myself get pressured to have a job, it's not working anymore. Anyway, to keep myself busy even though I'm still jobless, I satisfy myself with the things I wanted to do.

For my everyday ritual, I do the following:
1) Wake up in the morning around 8-9 am.
2) Check my two phones for messages.
3) Eat my favorite bread for breakfast.
4) Wash the dishes.
5) Get online in this sequence: Yahoo Messenger->Yahoo Mail->Facebook->Plurk->Multiply->Random Sites (usually anime sites) or do some Photoshops->Play Audition
6) Eat lunch.
7) Get online again.
8) Take a bath.
9) Wash the dishes from lunch.
10) Watch some TV shows, anime, or I sleep.
11) Dinner.
12) Get online again 'til 12am-1am.

This is my usual routine everyday and I'm happy with it...:)