Apr 23, 2009

My Wish Granted

There have been so many things that happened to me for these past few months and I hardly had time to check my social networking accounts and other stuffs in the internet that interest me. This is because I was really busy finishing my SP (Special Problem) or commonly known as thesis as my senior final project.
I had many attempts to give up on my SP and just finish it the next year but there were some people that never gave up on me, encouraged me, and supported me all the way which strengthen me to finish my SP. My acknowledgment is as follows:


First of all, I would like to thank GOD, for everything that He has done and given me, for always making a way for me, for always loving me, for blessing me a very good family and wonderful friends, and for giving me the wisdom and strength to do this Special Problem (SP). Lord, I offer this to you!
I would like to thank my family who has always loved and supported me: <insert father name> (my dad), <insert mother's name> (my mom), <insert eldest sister's name> (my eldest sister), <insert brother's name> (my brother), and <insert elder sister's name> (my elder sister).
To my adviser, <insert adviser's name>, for believing in me, for imparting her ideas to me and for never giving up on me, thank you Ms. I would also like to thank my co-adviser, <insert prof's name>, for the advices he has given me to improve my study.
To my college friends especially to Lovely, Daisy, Stef, and April, thank you for the wonderful friendship.
To my Otaku Fest co-organizers, thank you for the opportunity to share my enthusiasm as an otaku and for the great friendship that was built among us, thank you.
I would like to thank Rommel , Logen, Charito and Nasvin. You know what you have contributed to make this study a success.
To my kawaii dog named Choppy, thank you for the comfort you have provided me.
To my Audition Online family, thank you for the prayers and support.
To all who have prayed for me that I can pass my SP and graduate and to those who were not mentioned but took part in the success of my study, thank you all!
Hontou ni arigato gozaimashita! ^__^

Too short since the acknowledgment page is only one page double space. However, I think I mentioned the people that took a great part in the success of my SP. To graduate on time was my wish I ask God when I completed my nine mornings last December 2008 and He never failed me. I really felt that He made a way for me to graduate eventhough there were many times that my SP should have been INC. But then again, I prayed and prayed and believe me, God will hear you and works His way for you...Lord God, thank you very much for granting my wish!