Feb 17, 2009

Fear of Blogs

Have you ever been scared of blogs? Did you ever think that you'll be scared of blogs? If you think my questions are weird, think again. The main question would be: how can blogs scare you?

I haven't been on blogs lately but recently, I read a blog post that says that she's in "trauma with blogs" and this is all because of me. She was reminiscing the time when I wrote a post about her. Well, my post wasn't actually and obviously attacking only her and I wasn't referring to her alone. But somehow she felt it was her all alone. Moreover, she said that because of her "traumatic experience with blogs", she can't appreciate her other friends' blogs that involves her. For me, it doesn't make any sense at all. Why drag her blog experience with me to others who wanted to "appreciate" her through blogs? And why talk about it now? It's been three years already since I wrote that post. But anyway, I'm not in the mood to attack her again. I just want to emphasize that I write blogs to express myself to others in a way that I can't express it personally. I write blogs to release my happiness, sadness, anger, guilt, pain, and all sorts of emotions that mold me as a person.

If you fear on blogs that attack you, think again. If you're scared, then don't mess with people that write blogs.

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