Dec 18, 2009

My Cosplay as CC

Hello minna-san!

I'm back and guess what? I just cosplayed my favorite anime character and it's none other than C.C. from Code Geass. You might be wondering what costume of C.C. I wore...well, it's my favorite costume of her, the lolita dress. She wore this only once in episode 14 of Code Geass.

Here's a picture of C.C. in her lolita dress:

Looks very complicated huh? Well, I'm very thankful that my Aunt was really determined to mimic the dress. Now here's a pic of me wearing the costume:

Thanks to my sister for capturing these photos.

I'm really happy that my cosplay was a success. Thanks to my family and friends who have always supported me on my passion in cosplaying. My cosplay might not be perfect but at least I did my best to make my cosplay a success. Thanks to those who liked and appreciated my cosplay. Hontou ni arigatou gozaimashita! To those who think that my cosplay was a fail, I'm sorry but you're pathethic because you don't have the right to judge my cosplay and I bet you haven't tried cosplaying. It's not that easy to cosplay and I cosplay because I enjoy it, not because I want to be judged by pathetic people.

Anyway, congratulations to UP Otaku Fest for another successful event on the third time. There were more cosplayers and otaku people. Thanks to all the people who went and supported the event. 'Till the next Otaku Fest! :D

Nov 2, 2009

For The Love of Anime

Konnichiwa minna-san!
Now, I'm gonna talk a little about my love for anime.

I started watching anime when I was in my preparatory years I think so it's like I was around 4-5 years of age. So basically, my interest to anime has never left me until now that I'm 20 years old (turning 21 this December XD) and already working as a junior project manager in a small I.T. company.

How far can I go for the love of anime? Well, I've done a so many things that proved how I really love and enjoy anime. The biggest thing I've done I think would be to become an organizer of an anime event. I was thinking, why would I really like to organize such event? It's not because I just watch and appreciate anime. It's because I wanted to share to the people how anime can be so enjoyable and fun the way I felt. I wanted to get to know some co-anime lovers too! And as much as I can, I cosplay. I cosplay because it's one of my hobbies that I'm very passionate about and I'm really thankful that my family is very supportive with this extraordinary hobby of mine.

I love anime very much and I want to do more things that would continue and strengthen my interest to anime.

Oct 13, 2009

Learn to Say Thank You

"Thank you" is a phrase we hear when someone appreciates your effort or help. Some may hear this everyday. Some may say this a hundred times a day. But some never learned how to say this simple phrase. It may seem to be not a big deal but for me, a simple thank you for a small help overwhelms me.

A situation that always comes in my mind is when you ride in a jeep. Everytime I give my fare, I often say thank you to the people that would pass my fare to the driver or "conduktor". But as I observed the others, they won't even say thank you and the worst is the one that gives the fare is younger than the one that gives the fare to the driver and it really pisses me off. I really wonder if the young people of today really knows how "thank you" would mean so much to those who hears it.

And now for a more complicated situation; a young college girl getting pregnant. I wanted to tackle this issue because I was thinking what these young girls and boys had in mind when doing such irresponsible things. These young people are just too lucky to get in college with no sweat at all and yet, they can't do things responsibly. I hate these people who don't see the efforts of their parents/guardians that earned so much just to give them good education. I think these kind of people don't know how to thank others and what it really means because if they do, they won't disappoint their parents. Appreciating your parents' efforts by doing good in your studies and graduating without serious problems is the best way you can thank them.

So learn to appreciate... Learn to say thank you.

Jul 22, 2009

My First Work

I'm happy to announce that I just got a job! Please do congratulate me... Anyways, I'd like to share to you my first job.

I'm currently working as a Junior Project Manager/Business Analyst in a small software company in our place. It's a tough job, I know but I still like it in the sense that it is much related to the degree I graduated. Our company basically develops web-based applications. What I do is that I document every software project that comes in. Actually, what happens is that a client seeks us then we give them proposals base on the features of the software they want. This is called the analysis phase. Then if they approve on our proposal, then the development begins. In my job, I belong to the analysis phase. I analyze software requirements and turn them to use cases which are functions the client wants for the software. Next, I create product backlog which includes the list of the functions, with corresponding actors, components, steps, success criteria, and initial estimate. Actors are the ones that will do the use case, components are the tracks of the use case, steps are the actions done by the actor doing the use case, and the initial estimate is the estimated time a specific use case can be done developing. As a junior project manager, I managed three software developers who develops the software after the project proposal has been approved by the client. I assigned each developer some tasks they need to do everyday. I know its a bit hard to understand what I'm saying for people not inclined with software engineering but anyways, that's how my work is.

I'm hoping to learn more of the job I have and I knew this was the job meant for me by God so I just pray that God will continue to guide me on the path that I have chosen and I thank God for giving this opportunity to learn and grow with my career.

Jun 6, 2009

How I Make Myself Busy Everyday

After I graduated from college last April 29, 2009, I wanted to have a job as soon as possible. But I'm finding it hard to be get hired. It's like applying for a job in different companies seems never-ending. Though I think I've done my best in every application I undergo. Even though I'm making myself get pressured to have a job, it's not working anymore. Anyway, to keep myself busy even though I'm still jobless, I satisfy myself with the things I wanted to do.

For my everyday ritual, I do the following:
1) Wake up in the morning around 8-9 am.
2) Check my two phones for messages.
3) Eat my favorite bread for breakfast.
4) Wash the dishes.
5) Get online in this sequence: Yahoo Messenger->Yahoo Mail->Facebook->Plurk->Multiply->Random Sites (usually anime sites) or do some Photoshops->Play Audition
6) Eat lunch.
7) Get online again.
8) Take a bath.
9) Wash the dishes from lunch.
10) Watch some TV shows, anime, or I sleep.
11) Dinner.
12) Get online again 'til 12am-1am.

This is my usual routine everyday and I'm happy with it...:)

Apr 23, 2009

My Wish Granted

There have been so many things that happened to me for these past few months and I hardly had time to check my social networking accounts and other stuffs in the internet that interest me. This is because I was really busy finishing my SP (Special Problem) or commonly known as thesis as my senior final project.
I had many attempts to give up on my SP and just finish it the next year but there were some people that never gave up on me, encouraged me, and supported me all the way which strengthen me to finish my SP. My acknowledgment is as follows:


First of all, I would like to thank GOD, for everything that He has done and given me, for always making a way for me, for always loving me, for blessing me a very good family and wonderful friends, and for giving me the wisdom and strength to do this Special Problem (SP). Lord, I offer this to you!
I would like to thank my family who has always loved and supported me: <insert father name> (my dad), <insert mother's name> (my mom), <insert eldest sister's name> (my eldest sister), <insert brother's name> (my brother), and <insert elder sister's name> (my elder sister).
To my adviser, <insert adviser's name>, for believing in me, for imparting her ideas to me and for never giving up on me, thank you Ms. I would also like to thank my co-adviser, <insert prof's name>, for the advices he has given me to improve my study.
To my college friends especially to Lovely, Daisy, Stef, and April, thank you for the wonderful friendship.
To my Otaku Fest co-organizers, thank you for the opportunity to share my enthusiasm as an otaku and for the great friendship that was built among us, thank you.
I would like to thank Rommel , Logen, Charito and Nasvin. You know what you have contributed to make this study a success.
To my kawaii dog named Choppy, thank you for the comfort you have provided me.
To my Audition Online family, thank you for the prayers and support.
To all who have prayed for me that I can pass my SP and graduate and to those who were not mentioned but took part in the success of my study, thank you all!
Hontou ni arigato gozaimashita! ^__^

Too short since the acknowledgment page is only one page double space. However, I think I mentioned the people that took a great part in the success of my SP. To graduate on time was my wish I ask God when I completed my nine mornings last December 2008 and He never failed me. I really felt that He made a way for me to graduate eventhough there were many times that my SP should have been INC. But then again, I prayed and prayed and believe me, God will hear you and works His way for you...Lord God, thank you very much for granting my wish!

Feb 17, 2009

Fear of Blogs

Have you ever been scared of blogs? Did you ever think that you'll be scared of blogs? If you think my questions are weird, think again. The main question would be: how can blogs scare you?

I haven't been on blogs lately but recently, I read a blog post that says that she's in "trauma with blogs" and this is all because of me. She was reminiscing the time when I wrote a post about her. Well, my post wasn't actually and obviously attacking only her and I wasn't referring to her alone. But somehow she felt it was her all alone. Moreover, she said that because of her "traumatic experience with blogs", she can't appreciate her other friends' blogs that involves her. For me, it doesn't make any sense at all. Why drag her blog experience with me to others who wanted to "appreciate" her through blogs? And why talk about it now? It's been three years already since I wrote that post. But anyway, I'm not in the mood to attack her again. I just want to emphasize that I write blogs to express myself to others in a way that I can't express it personally. I write blogs to release my happiness, sadness, anger, guilt, pain, and all sorts of emotions that mold me as a person.

If you fear on blogs that attack you, think again. If you're scared, then don't mess with people that write blogs.

Makamisa: Ang Pagtatapos

by: Chrisma Joyce
This is my ending to Rizal's supposedly third novel entitled "Makamisa"

Sapagka't nabalitaang nasampal si Aleng Anday ay wala mandin silang masabing masama tungkol sa kura…
Ang mga tao sa bayan ay patuloy sa gawain nilang makamisa. Hindi iniisip ang kapakanan nila kundi ang kapakanan lamang ng kanilang kura na si Padre Agaton. Binibigay lamang ang lahat ng magaganda sa simbahan para sila matanggap sa langit pagkamatay nila. Nagkaroon ng mga haka-haka tungkol sa nangyaring pagsampal ni Padre Agaton kay Aleng Anday at si Kapitan Lucas ay tinitiis at kinikimkim ang sama at galit sa mga maling tsismis.
Hanggang sa dumating na ang pagsisiwalat ng katotohanan. Sa loob ng kanilang bahay, si Kapitan Lucas ay hindi na makapagtimpi dahil na rin sa humihina na ang kanyang kalusugan kaya sinabi na niya ang totoo sa kanyang anak na si Marcela. “Marcela, anak ko, alam mong mahal kita ng buong puso ko kung kaya't may sasabihin ako at sana huwag ka magalit. Mabuti ng malaman mo dahil baka hindi ko na masabi to sa iyo dahil humihina na ang aking katawan…” malungkot na sabi ni Kapitan Lucas. “Si Padre Agaton ang tunay mong ama at si Aleng Anday ang ina mo. Kung kaya't nung isang araw ay napagbuhatan ng kamay ni Padre Agaton si Aleng Anday kasi ayaw ni Padre Agaton na makitang magkatabi man lang o magkausap kayo ni Aleng Anday. Sila ang tunay mong mga magulang. Pinagkasunduan kasi namin na ako na ang magpapalaki sayo at kakalimutan nila ang tunay na pangyayari. Sana hindi magbago ang tingin mo sa akin, anak.” pahabol na sinabi ni Kapitan Lucas. Matapos marinig ni Marcela ang lahat ay napaiyak ito at tumakbo patungo sa Simbahan. Sa loob ng Simbahan, nagkompisal si Marcela kay Padre Agaton. Sinabi niya ang lahat ng sinabi sa kanya ni Kapitan Lucas. Sa pagkarinig ni Padre Agaton ay agad ito lumabas sa kompisalan at sabay sampal kay Marcela. “Hindi yan totoo! Naniwala ka naman kaagad. Ako, isang respetado at banal na tao, ay hindi nagtatago ng ganyang kamalian!”, sigaw ni Padre Agaton. Lalong napaiyak si Marcela at dali-daling lumabas ng simbahan. Tumakbo siya papunta sa bahay nila. Naalala niya ang isang bagay na nakatago sa mesa sa kwarto ng kanyang amang si Kapitan Lucas. Habang tumatakbo siya ay nagkasalubong sila ni Aleng Anday pero hindi niya ito pinansin at patuloy siyang tumakbo. Dahil napansin na balisa at umiiyak si Marcela, sinundan siya ni Aleng Anday hanggang sa bahay. Sa loob, agad kinuha ni Marcela ang nakatagong bagay sa mesa ni Kapitan Lucas at sinarado ang pinto. Habang si Kapitan Lucas na nasa hardin sa likod ng bahay ay iniisip at tinitimbang ang kanyang mga nasabi sa anak, kung tama lang ba na masiwalat ang katotohanan at kung mamamatay siya, mapupunta pa kaya siya sa langit ng biglang may narinig siyang malakas na putok ng baril. Narinig din ito ni Aleng Anday kaya agad silang pumasok sa loob at doon nakita nila si Marcela na nakahiga sa sahig na may dugong umaagos sa ulo niya. Nagpakamatay si Marcela at walang magawa sina Kapitan Lucas at Aleng Anday kung di umiyak nalang.