Dec 29, 2008

The Passion of Being an Otaku

Hello everyone! I’m Chrisma, a UP Cebu BS Computer Science student, a proud Audista, a certified anime addict, and one of the organizers of the first and second UP Otaku Fest. Since some of my co-organizers are posting their reactions for Otaku Fest, now it’s my turn to share to you my passion for the Otaku Fest.
I was known to be a certified anime addict since elementary. From Sailor Moon to Dragon Ball, to Super Boink and Time Quest, to Gundam Wing and Fushigi Yuugi, to Ghost Fighter and Flame Recca, to Death Note, Naruto, and Rurouni Kenshin, no doubt that I would never want to miss any anime series (although I can never watched all the anim├ęs in the world :P). When I started to collect Questor, which is a local anime magazine now being faced out; I saw some photos of coplayers. I was really amazed on how they try to copy a character’s costume and how they hold these kinds of events. Anyways, when I had full access to internet, I saw more cosplayers and they even do some skits recorded on videos. “How I wish Cebu has these anime events so I can also wear an anime costume...” that’s what I thought.
I was a member of the +Anime Addicted+ group in Friendster where I had so much fun sharing my thoughts as an otaku to my fellow members. Then I became a member of the “Anime Elites” forum but I seldom posts due to some personal businesses (aka studies..lolz). After that, a Bagsik (our batch organization in UP Cebu) forum was built by my classmates and co-organizers (I believe they were Pax, Jude, Charles, and Tud) where we had the chance to share our interests to our fellow Bagsik members. It so happen that those co-organizers of mine are obviously otakus so they placed an Anime and Manga section in our Hobbies and Entertainment section where I found out that there are several of us that are otakus. So after much posts, Ara, a BA Mass Communications student and the head of the organizing team of the first Otaku Fest, proposed that we hold a convention for otakus. I remembered that we had this YM group conversation and Ara asked who’s in and we’re all definitely in. We even visited the so-called first anime convention in Cebu, ArchCon, to observe how they hold such event. Together with Jude, we invited the Akatsuki cosplay group and the Naruto cosplay team who were cosplaying there.
Otaku Fest: Revving UP
Organizing the first Otaku Fest was really difficult especially since it’s still starting. We had to move schedules because it was hard to look for sponsors. But then, there’s always a way and we had successfully managed to have E-games, PC Express, and Infinity Colors as our sponsors. Finally, it was held last February 9, 2008 labeled as Otaku Fest: Revving UP. There were maybe a lot of inconveniences but eventually, it was still fun. I was really excited since this is my first time that I’ll be wearing a costume and even saved money just for my costume. If you have attended the first Otaku Fest and can’t remember what I was wearing, my costume was an all-black gothic Lolita. Organizing team was composed of Ara (head of the team), Rey (BSMgt), Cams (BAMC), Em-Em (BAMC), Charles (BSCS), Jude (BSCS), Pax (BSCS), Tud-Tud (BSCS), Jane (BSCS), and me. We were also helped by Marga (BSMgt), Lovely (BSCS), Ivy (BSMgt), Eugene (BSMgt), Liz (BSMgt), Irish (BAMC), Cham-Cham (BAPsych) and Pangs (BAPolSci).
UP Otaku Fest 2.0: The Saga Continues
Then the second Otaku Fest was planned. Organizing team was still the same except that Jane left us (I was really sad because Jane was leaving us but I understand) and Pangs, Marga, Buchik (BAMC), Rachelle (BAMC), and Julie (BSMath) were added in the team. This time, Camille is the head of the organizing team. Bugs, the artist behind the Otaku Fest logo also cooperated with us in designing the tarp and the banners. Jelai, the head of the PAs and the PAs, were also a big help to us in assisting the organizers and the handling of the registration. Though we had the problem again about the sponsors, we managed to push through the date December 13, 2008. Sponsors were Bite Magazine and PC Express, and a special thanks to FFSIPI Enterprises. No doubt, it was a huge success and I’m receiving positive comments from the people who attended. Even though I was kind of off a bit that afternoon because of my exam that morning, I did my best to do my duty as cosplay head and enjoy as much as I can.
I am very proud to say that I was part of the foundation of Otaku Fest. Being an organizer and contributing my passion for anime in this event truly helped me a lot not just having the fun but also somehow developed my social communication to other people. I am very happy to be able to share my enthusiasm as an otaku to my fellow otakus in Cebu. To my co-organizers, thank you very much for the hard work and the wonderful friendship that was built between us. To all of you who believed in us and supported us in the success of Otaku Fest, thank you very much. I will really miss organizing this event but surely, I will continue my support for Otaku Fest. I’m hoping that the next batch of organizing team will have the same passion as we have, to continue what we have started and making Otaku Fest an awaited annual event for otakus.

Me and Jude talking to the Akatsuki last ArchCon 2007 inviting them for the first Otaku Fest

My classmate Jason as Kadaj, Kon, Rey, and Me as a Gothic Lolita from the first Otaku Fest

Em-Em, Me as Hazuki, and Camille from Otaku Fest 2.0

Pangs and Buchik hosting Otaku Fest 2.0


My sister as Kikiyo and me together with Ara

The Otaku Fest guys in FunLand: (L to R) Rey, Charles, Tud, Ken, and Pax

The Otaku Fest girls in FunLand: (L to R) Rachelle, Camz, Buchik, Em-Em, Marga, and Me