Sep 11, 2005

Objective Description – Colon

Colon is the oldest street in the Philippines. It was built by the Spaniards during the time of Miguel Lopez de Legaspi and named after Christopher Colombus. It is the heart of downtown Cebu connecting the streets of Panganiban and Mabini. There are many vehicles, especially smoke-belcher jeepneys, pass by this street. The street is lined with huge department stores such as the four-storey Metro Gaisano and Gaisano Main, the three-storey Plaza Fair, the about 10 feet tall buildings of Colonnade and Rosita’s. Hotels such as the tourist inn Cebu Hallmark and the unclassified Cebu Century Hotel are also found there. There are also many outside vendors. Their stalls or stores are located just near or beside the huge establishments mentioned. The vendor near Collonade sells different kitchen utensils. Next to him is another vendor that sells lovely posters that shouts “Buy one take one…”. About five feet away, a vendor sells healthy pets and about ten feet away from him is a female vendor of about 40 years old sells beautifully designed bags, accessories which included fancy jewelries like beaded necklaces and bracelets and next to her is a man of about 30 is selling pirated CD’s and VCD’s and he shouts “Palit na kay barato ra…”and some people try to see the CD’s and VCD’s and ask questions like “Tagpila ni?”. Since the prices are cheap, more and more people buy from these stalls. From the passing smoke-belcher vehicles to the determined shouting vendors, no doubt that Colon street is always noisy.

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  1. Good. I can picture out the image.I could give you a 1 but check the long sentences first in the middle part. Make sure that the sentences are not redundant.Observe parallelism.