Sep 28, 2005

My High School and College Life

My high school life before and my college life now may be different and similar in many ways. When I was in high school, I used to have only very few classmates and schoolmates that I even memorized all their names. My school before was just small but it was a Science and Technology school. My schedule was so full for I was taking about nine subjects a day. However, these subjects rarely demands a lot of work. I have to be in school around 7:oo am because our flag ceremony starts at 7:10 am. Our lessons were very tough and the teachers gave very challenging exams. The teachers assigned a lot of reports to each student. Some teachers just sat and watched you report the lessons like you're the teacher. If all reports were done, they will just give exams without them discussing further and it's like they don't even know the lessons. After classes, we have to clean our classroom before we can go home. I used to stay very late at night accomplishing my homework and projects, preparing for my reports, and studying for my exams. Sometimes, I was also busy preparing for my participation in school activities and contests. But even though there were so much to be done, my high school friends made my high school life exciting and fun. Now that I'm in college, the environment has change. I already have many classmates and schoolmates that I can't even recognized them all. My school now is a university and not just an ordinary college school. My schedule now is not that full for I'm taking only four subjects a day. But these subjects demands a lot of work to be able to pass them. I have to be in school around 7:30 am and I don't have to attend a flag ceremony. Our lessons are tougher and the teachers give more challenging exams. The teachers assign only few reports and it's not even individual. All the professors have mastery on their subject matter, they discuss the lessons clearly, and they don't give exams which they did not discussed. After classes, I immediately go straight home or I pass by the library to check out some books and I don't have to clean any classrooms. Sometimes, I also stay late at night only because of my assignments and lessons to be studied. I'm not always busy because I don't have to join any contests or organizations. But even though I have the time I need, I still need to work for my harder subjects. My old friends are still there to brighten up my college life together with my new friends in college. High school may demand a lot of my time but college demands a lot of my work.

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