Sep 18, 2005

My 17 Years of Existence

Existence is the state of being real, actual, or current, rather than imagined, invented, or obsolete. It means that everything that is real, actual, or current exists. Life is a very good example of existence for it is the thing that exists in us that keeps us alive. It is not imagined nor invented because it is present in us. In other words, life is the period of our existence. There would be no continued living if there is no life. Thus, existence of life is indeed very vital for our survival.
As a human being, I am a good example of existence for humans have life. My life have already existed for almost 17 years. When I was still very young and innocent, I was never aware of my existence here in the world. All I think before was play and play but now that I have grown up, I have experienced expected and unexpected events that made me realized that there is more of life. I have learned a lot from my experiences especially from my mistakes. Of course, experiences are accompanied with different emotions like happiness, excitement, pity, sadness, loneliness, pain, etc. I admit that I have cried not because I was hit or something but because of my problems and failures. Then I have realized that truly, I have grown up. My family and friends are the ones who supports me all the way. They became my inspiration to do my best especially in my studies so that I'll succeed someday. I have faced challenges which made me much stronger. I was starting to face reality.
The existence of our life is the greatest gift from God. Therefore, we must enjoy it. Life has its ups and downs. We never know when, why, or how but it has its purpose. Sometimes, we face hardships but these are challenges and we must learn to overcome them. We must not forget our family and friends for they complete our lives. Life has something more to offer to me because 17 years of existence is not enough. I'll be facing more challenges that are tougher than before. I want to explore and discover more of life. And lastly, I want to find the answer to my greatest question: "What is the role of my existence here on earth?"

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