Sep 24, 2005

(2) Subjective Description – A Saleslady in SM

A saleslady in Guess at SM City Cebu appears to have the same looks as Regine Velasquez. She stands about the height of a world famous model because of the cigarette stick-like heels in her sexy boots. Her shiny black hair is neatly pony tailed that sways over her shoulders and adds to her attractiveness. Her round face is covered with white powder and her cheeks with pink blush-on as if she has a very important date to attend. She has watchful eyes that brightens whenever she entertains a customer. She has a perfect-shaped nose like Julia Roberts’. Her red lips forms sweet words of gratitude whenever a customer leaves after purchasing an item. Like the other Guess salesladies, she wears a black baby shirt with a phrase “I Love GUESS” largely printed across the shirt as if it is an advertisement banner for the store. Her dark blue jeans fits her long and slender legs perfectly. Whenever there is no customer, she either stays in a corner like a post, thinking of something else or in short, daydreaming or she patrols around like a security guard, checking the sell items and arrange them properly. She may or may not enjoy her work but like other workers, it is written in her face that she is excited to be home soon…

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